28 November 2012

Angel Style

I think it's pretty well known around here that I have my own preferences when it comes to clothes. Such preferences include cowboy boots and brightly-colored skinny jeans....and, generally, brighly-colored and/or sparkly anything. But I'm not the only one who wears clothes in this house. Did I forget to mention that Angel gets dressed too??

What is your husband's style?
Like me, Angel also has a pretty strict dress code at work--his dress code consists of navy blue scrubs. So he wears those about half of the days of the week. Having  a dress code doesn't make him feel nearly as oppressed as my school dress code makes me feel, though. 

 Angel hardly ever buys clothes for himself, but when he does, he has specific brands he likes. I think if he had unlimited clothes money, he would buy lots of clothes from Express. Like me, Angel hasn't grown much since middle school, so he's amassed a collection of clothes that still fit him after years and years.

More so than clothes, Angel is interested in shoes. The two of us will happily explore every shoe store in the mall together. I have always picked my shoes based on how pretty or unusual the design is...but Angel cares more about comfort. He can be pretty picky about the style, though. He bought me some Chacos last summer...I still think they are not very attractive...but I have to say, I agree with him that they're fairly indestructible!
What is your LEAST favorite piece(s) of his wardrobe? 
This is an easy one!! I wonder how many wives have an instant answer for this question?
For me: running shorts. I can't stand them. If I had my way, Angel would wear jeans or dress pants all the time. But he doesn't like feeling hot. So he wears either running shorts or basketball shorts all the time at home. I prefer the basketball shorts because they're longer...the only thing I want to do when I see any guy wearing short running shorts is to start giggling. I just think they look silly. I don't think short shorts are flattering on anybody...but especially not men.

Yes, I am a mean wife, and no, he won't be surprised that I don't like his running shorts. But I do believe in letting people wear what they love to wear, so I'm pretty sure those shorts won't be disappearing anytime soon.

What would you love for your man to wear? 

This, every day. Why didn't I live in the days when men wore three piece suits to the office and to church and, seemingly, all the time?

K said...

Awww, he looks so great in his three-piece suit! :) And I'm weird...ever since I saw Juno, I've actually liked running shorts (mostly because Paulie Bleeker wore them and I had a huge crush on Michael Cera for longer than acceptable ;))

LeiShell said...

My hubby is a t-shirt guy. And all of them are black or a color close to it. I wish he would branch out in stylized t-shirts and maybe different colors. For awhile he tried and was wearing mustard green and yellow everything and I about died...made him go back to the black...but yes, I agree...I wish suits would come back. Angel looks dashing!

Angi said...

Haha...I think Isaiah and Angel would get along really well. Isaiah would TOTALLY shop at Express 24/7 if he had unlimited funds, he can't STAND shoes that are uncomfortable, and he hardly ever actually buys these things for himself.

I can't think of anything he wears that I hate, though...sometimes he likes to mix colors/patterns a little TOO much, and that kinda annoys me a little bit, but...whatever. He can wear what he wants.

Danielle said...

My hubby used to only wear suits and dress clothes, seriously, all the time. Even in the ridiculous summer heat. Which sounds awesome at first until you realize that I was going through a jeans and sweatshirt phase of my own. And you better believe that if it's anywhere near 100 degrees I'm going to be in as little clothing as socially acceptable. Not a great combo. Luckily both our wardrobes have evened out and we can both switch it up now!

Janna Renee said...

I think we can all relate to this! Although, luckily...the hubs now lets me buy ALL of his clothes, so I get to pick what I want ;)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

very nice! I wish my BF dressed like Ryan Gosling in "CrazyStupidLove".

Anna said...

:D i love when mo gets dressed up. (vests always look classy)