29 November 2012

Beauty School Problems

Going to beauty school has made me into a rebel. My classmates were horrified on eyebrow waxing day when I said I'd never had my eyebrows waxed. And then they all promptly volunteered to wax my eyebrows, which plan I squashed instantly. My idea is--the rules of polite society make us remove so much hair from our bodies already...and I'm a brunette, so trust me, it's a lot...that I absolutely refuse to bow to the whims of fashion and mess around with my beautiful eyebrows. I just don't think adding one more hair removal process to my life is necessary. Besides, they say waxing doesn't hurt, but we had to practice waxing eyebrows by drawing eyebrow shapes on our arms and waxing them...and it hurts. I don't like it.

Furthermore, I've never been anti-makeup. My Mom has always said, "If the barn needs painting, paint it!". But I think what goes along with that is...if it doesn't need painting, don't paint it! It makes me sad to see 18 year old girls who are so attached to their foundation and their mascara that they feel they can't go out in public without it and that they refuse to get free facials at school unless they brought their whole face of makeup with them so that they can redo their makeup before leaving school.

 No lipstick, no eyeliner, slightly tamed curls--what's so bad about the natural look?

Like I said, I'm not anti-makeup. I really enjoy wearing bright lipstick, blue or purple liquid or glitter eyeliner is always fun, and when I'm taking pictures or just having a bad day with my face, you can bet I'll be wearing a little foundation to cover up some spots on my face! But I don't wear makeup every day, and I never want to feel like I have to wear makeup in order to leave the house, or feel like it's shameful to be in public with no makeup. I honestly believe that the best way to have beautiful, healthy, younger-looking skin is to put some mineral sunscreen on and leave it alone, rather than covering it up with lots of layers of colorful stuff every day.

I'm pretty sure I've worn less makeup on a regular basis since I started beauty school than I have in years. Just because now, for the first time, I'm seeing what a big part it can play in young girls' lives, and I feel like I want to be the kind of person who says it's okay--in spite of fashion and in spite of peer pressure--to go out without your mascara on. I honestly think that in your teens and 20s, wearing makeup ages you. I think I look younger when I don't wear makeup. Of course, when I want to look sophisticated and 'legal'--makeup is a good tool to use.

This has been a long post, I know, but I just had to say it. I don't look like a 'monster' without my makeup or my styling tools or when I've gone 21 years without an eyebrow wax....and neither do you!!

What do you guys think? Is my lack of appreciation for the tortures of modern beautifying procedures going to make me a bad cosmetologist?


  1. I completely agree! I think makeup definitely can be a good thing: it can be used to enhance natural beauty, it can make women feel better about themselves, and those are all good things! But there are so many things that are MORE important, and besides, most people don't go around trying to determine whether you're wearing makeup in society or not!!

  2. I think you look beautiful with no makeup! I wish I could do the same - I am absolutely addicted to makeup and trying new products. I would save SO much money if I just went natural!

  3. Hi Rachel I found you via Quite the Blog and love this post:) I am a cosmetologist that isn't currently working in the cosmetology industry. I love all of that stuff I have to admit but I agree with you. I wasn't into make up when I went to trade school years ago but now I love it and I love it for the art of it, but I will not wear it daily because I don't want it to define my beauty or cause me to feel as if I'm lacking without it.

    You'll be great within the industry because you won't be the stylist trying to sell your client the latest trend. One thing that I learned when I worked as a hairstylist, I've worked as a stylist and a nail tech. I came to learn it's not as glam as I would have expected. Well it depends on what type of salon you work at but I was amazed when someone would come in just for a hair cut and didn't want me to blow dry it or a wash and blow dry but no style and loved all the little old ladies that came in for their perms or roller sets:) But point being for many it's a matter of good grooming over coming in to be made over. So you will be a God send literally to those that are not interested in being changed or sold to.

  4. Hey girl! I definitely agree with you on the eyebrows...I wish I would have left mine alone all those years ago! I have a "unibrow" if I don't wax, so I believe in minimal maintenance, but mine have been overwaxed by too-eager stylists and I am in re-growth mode! I say if you have two eyebrows, leave them alone!!

    I'm also a make-up minimalist. Pretty much just eyeliner and occasional mascara for me! I can't stand putting powder or any other crap on my face, it just doesn't feel right. YOU are beautiful without it!!

  5. I think it makes you a {better} cosmetologist! Seriously, I get annoyed (but even so, more sad...) when I see younger girls with make up who have perfect skin...yet some movie, guy, or ex best friend told them they needed make up. a teacher once gave me a compliment I will never forget and said "you have beautiful skin complection(sp?) and you do not need much make up at all" and because she pointed that out, it really boosted my self confidence so I promised to make it a point to point that out to someone if I notice helped me, it might help them! by the way, I've had my eye brows waxed once and it hurt...then a friend had hers done and they jacked em all up - I've never gone back :) bahaha. I'd rather pluck honestly - I don't have to do it a lot so I'm okay with it!

  6. I can't stand wearing makeup! I did when I was in high school because everyone else did, but I just don't have the time or desire to "play" with all sorts of boxes, bottles and brushes. The furthest I go is chapstick when my lips get chapped.

    I attended a conference over the summer. I didn't know anyone there, but I had seen lots of pictures on Facebook. Although I recognized most of them, in real life, they had, what I call "pancake makeup", which you couldn't see in the pictures. I didn't think some of them needed it either.

    Anyway, I'm a new follower from the Thumpin Thursday blog hop. I read some of your other posts and love your writing style.

    Jill @ And Life Goes On

  7. Although I like make-up I am generally too lazy to use a lot. I like a little tinted moisturizer but I'm not afraid to go bare :)

    I think there are a lot of women out there who don't like the overuse of make up and would appreciate a cosmetologist who understands them.

  8. I've never had an eyebrow wax - or ANYthing wax - either, so don't feel bad! I pluck my eyebrows myself if they get out of line.

    I used to wear a lot more makeup, I think because I've always looked a little young for my age and I always got tired of people thinking I was 5 years younger than I was. These days, I still look younger than I am (according to...everyone I ask) but I'm used to it and I've slowed way down on the makeup. Today, just moisturizer, a little under eye concealer, and a small bit of eye makeup. Took me 5 minutes. I've decided that extra sleep is more important that a full face of makeup, heh!

  9. Amen girl!! I'm so glad there are natural beauties out there like you! Your heart is in an awesome place.

  10. What great post!! SO true!! Natural is so beautiful!!

  11. I don't wear make up either.
    every once in a while I like to put on some lipstick but other then that,
    all i wear is eye liner and I am out the door.
    i'm a new follower from the thumping thursday hop! :)

  12. My daughter is always asking if she looks okay to go out in regards to her makeup. A Great Post!

  13. You're better than me. I didn't start wearing makeup until I was a year out of high school, though. I started breaking out to the point that I hated looking in the mirror, so I started wearing foundation. Now I don't break out anymore, but I have acne scars, so I still wear foundation every day. But it makes me feel good about myself, and I don't wear super heavy liquid foundation followed by a layer of powder foundation. I still look natural, and my acne scars are quite a bit less visible.

    AMEN about the hair waxing, though. I DO wax my eyebrows, but nowhere else. I shave my armpits and legs (on a need to be smooth basis :) and that's it. Some girls wax and shave every dang hair on their bodies and it blows my mind.

  14. love this post! You are beautiful Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Hop. xo

  15. You are beautiful without makeup! Your barn looks great without any paint! LOL!! I just noticed my button is blurry again. Can you add my button directly from my blog? Thanks, I'm not sure why it is doing that. xox

  16. I love everything about this! I frequently go in public without makeup. I don't understand why all girls don't! Makeup can be a pain to put on and a pain to take off. I only wear it to work and a little to church.

    Getting your eyebrows waxed DOES hurt, don't let them tell you differently. It's not excruciating by any means, but it's not pleasant either. My used to make me do it when I was in high school. I haven't done it in several years!

  17. You are absolutely right!! I'm in esthetician school as well and i've noticed that I wear less makeup then I did before I started. I found you on the Saturday Morning Blog Hop!! I'm a new follower!! Please check my blog out!!

  18. Thats cool that you are or were in beauty school (since this is an older post). I did too. Three actually but thats because we kept moving.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose