01 November 2012

Nibbles and Novels

Books and food. Don't they go well together? When I was still living with my parents, I had this idea that when I grew up I would spend all my free time in the most blissful way possible: lying on the couch for hours with a good book and a big bowl of snacks, all to myself. I've done it a few times since growing up, and, I assure you, it's just as blissful as I thought it would be.

 This is pretty much my ideal book snack.  As for the candle...we quite frequently have random lit candles in our house. Angel is the resident candle-lighter.
I did spend some of my free time that way when I was in high school, but my little siblings would usually spy the big bowl of popcorn or the omelet (I used to eat omelets all the time for snacks. Random.) I was trying to smuggle into my bedroom and that would be the end of my snack. With seven kids in the house, it took strategy to get enough food.

I'm currently working my way through the set of 26 Agatha Christie books I was given a few weeks ago. Are you reading anything at the moment?

Anyways, April of Dimples and Delights is hosting her second monthly blog party, talking about two of her favorite things: books and food to go with them! You should go and check out what recipe that she pairs with her book, and maybe link of one of your own food-and-books posts!

Unknown said...

I can imagine you basking in your simple bliss with book and nibbles! I used to read lots when I was in uni but sadly lost the habit. I'm even getting rid of my sunroom (perfect for lounging with a book & coffee) to build an ensuite bathroom. Biggest traitor considering I was a Literature student lol. Sorry to insert an annoying plug but I have an international skincare giveaway you might be interested in! xx Mandy @

Christi said...

Love a good book and nibbles! Popcorn is the perfect match for a book in my humble opinion!

Living for his glory said...

I am not but i need to!! Those cookies looks delicious!!

Angi said...

I love books and TEA!! I haven't read nearly enough lately...sigh.

Anna said...

popcorn is always my go-to snack. :)and tortilla chips. salty stuff, apparently.

April said...

Thank you so much for joining!! This is perfect. A snack and a book, life doesn't get much better. When I'm stressed Stephen sends me to the library to read in peace, but no snacks allowed there. Sigh.