01 November 2012

The Detested Ringing of the Alarm

Angel and I came up with a ground-breaking theory. We propose that whatever sound your alarm makes, even if it wasn't an especially ugly sound to begin with, becomes more and more repulsive to you as you get used to identifying that sound as the end of your sleep for the morning.

We came up with this theory when one evening, Angel, in great frustration, exclaimed, "I hate the alarm sound!" and frantically started pushing buttons on his phone to find a new ringtone to turn into the alarm. Because, you see, like most people of our generation, Angel uses his phone as an alarm, and whatever ringtone he sets it to is his alarm sound. The standard ringtone which he's had for the last year is not necessarily a bad ringtone....but when you've heard it at 5:00 a.m. week in and week out for what seems like begin to hate that sound.

You know, like how Bill Murray probably really, really hated the song "I Got You, Babe" by the time Groundhog's Day was finally over?

And this morning when Angel's cell phone alarm went off I sat straight up in bed and asked him, "Who in the world is calling you in the middle of the night?" I believe he said to me "I don't know" in an effort to calm me down a little before I laid back down and went back to sleep.I tend to get a little disoriented when I take Nyquil before bed.

I don't use an alarm. Ever since I started school I wake up naturally at 6 am which is a perfect time for me to take a shower and let my hair air dry while I buzz around the house before school. And I'm pretty sure it's because I hate the sound of alarms so much that I decided to be my own alarm. It was a purely practical decision.

How do you wake up and leave the warm, cozy cocoon that is your bed?


  1. I completely agree with this theory. Thankfully, I'm a light enough sleeper that all I have to do is set my phone to vibrate at 6:15am and it wakes me up really easily. Then, I can "snooze" without another alarm for 10 minutes or so before I get up. I've never really had a problem waking up on time or staying awake once I'm awake, but I like to have the alarm just in case.

    My husband, on the other hand...if he didn't have an alarm, he'd sleep until noon.

  2. I somehow always work my alarm into my dream, which is always fun. I had the WORST time trying to drag myself out of bed this morning. If you can find an easy way to leave the cocoon please let me know :P

  3. I agree!!! I use ringtones too and I can't use that same time for anything else, ever!

  4. I put my phone on vibrate and put it under my pillow. I hate hearing alarms in the morning. I've become so used to my husbands alarm in the morning that I don't wake up to it anymore. Such a blessing.


  5. I have determined that no matter what the song is, I'll hate it as an alarm! So, I just use my hubby ;)

  6. I matter what the sounds, the fact that it's still an alarm makes it repulsive. :p The ringtone I use for my alarm is the default one that was for calls on my phone. It took a while to get used to it being an alarm and not a phone call!

  7. I was just talking about this today! I am NOT a "morning person." AT ALL. I run late because I get up at the last possible second. Gah I hate the sound of the alarm too. It is just SO hard for me to wake up. I can't even get up in time to take showers in the mornings so I take them right before bed. It is absolutely awesome that you can wake up on your own, though! Sounds out of this world for me! Ha ha

  8. Oh I understand that friend!! So not a morning person!
    ps - I just love your bed!

  9. My alarm sound is a really abrasive rooster crowing sound. It's literally the only alarm on my phone that will rouse me from sleep... and I'm one of those people who hates getting up in the morning. I have four alarms set at the ideal time I want to wake up, but almost every morning I change when it goes off so I can have an extra hour of sleep instead of getting up and doing "get ready for my day stuff". I also HAVE to have an alarm or else I'll wake up at 2pm and not notice it's not morning anymore.

  10. I've come to the same conclusion about alarm sounds. When someone has my alarm sound as their ringtone and their phone rings, I immediately flinch and start to panic and get angry.

    I'm jealous of your internal alarm! I used to be that way until my late teen years.