16 November 2012

Wish List

I like presents! Who doesn't, really? And I'm a big believer in being quite specific about the presents I'm interested  in. So, this post is really for the benefit of Angel, my parents, and whoever else might feel an interest in giving me something! And I'm oh-so-conveniently posting it in time for Black Friday shopping. You know, just in case that's helpful for anyone. Without further ado, my wish list:

 Christmas 2010

1. Boots. Pretty brown boots, preferably with buckles AND zippers.

2. Leggings. Maybe patterned leggings? All of my leggings are kind of old and faded so I could use some new colors. Purple, Red, Turquoise, Sparkly--I'll take tights too, if you've got any.

3. Fabric and a pattern for something new to sew. Maybe a dress? Or something less ambitious. A quilt? I haven't decided exactly what--but I could use some craft supplies!

4. Sweet Tarts, Nerds, Riesens, sour gummy worms, a chocolate orange. Is it just me, or are all the displays of 'stocking stuffer' candies irresistibly exciting? I'm definitely hoping for some of my favorite candies in my stocking!

5. Flowery hair clips or headbands. (the hard kind, stretchy headbands just aren't that flattering on me)

6. A kitchen table or an icebox or a baby cradle for my dollhouse. Victorian-esqe, please.

7. A sparkly sweater from Express. Okay I already do have two sparkly Express sweaters from last winter...but they're the only sweaters I actually like to wear! Maybe I'll have to think of something else.

8. "Unique" earrings. Not your run of the mill, average, sparkly stuff. I already have fork, pinecone, safety pin, and paperclip earrings--but any earrings that are just a little odd will do.

9: A fitted, dressy winter jacket. I have a puffy jacket that keeps me warm but it looks just a little silly when I wear it with dresses.

10. Books are always okay with me.

I know I'm dreaming big--but hey, it's just that I know how to work the system--Angel likes to have suggestions but also some options when he shops. Now I just have to start planning what I'm going to get for everyone else!

Have you started Christmas shopping, yet?
Steph said...

Sounds like a great made it easy on whoever might be shopping for you!

Unknown said...

Smart idea to get the list in before Black Friday! Oh and girl, quilts are ambitious! I make one every year and by the end of it, I SWEAR I'll never make one again....until the next year ;)

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Oooo I need to post my list, too!

Angi said...

Great list!! I feel you on the winter jacket thing - I didn't have a nice one until last year, and I always felt SUPER odd wearing a puffy or military-style jacket with my dressy clothes...

LeiShell said...

I like that you want odd earrings. You made it easy on your family. I am like "I want camera gear (expensive), nice leather boots to my knee, jewelry, smelly good lotions..." Pretty much anything that requires a hefty bank account! LOL

Anna said...

Number 5 totally confused me until I got to the dollhouse part. You have a dollhouse? That's so cool!

Ali W. said...

hahahaha I am a big believer in being specific too! :) Love your blog!

lori said...

i am working on my wish list right now :) i kind of want to add patterned leggins to mine as well... but im not sure if i can pull them off!

Michelle said...

This is a seriously awesome list! I just made mine last week and it was so fun. And I always ask for a stack of books.

Love your earring description. I love that you're so unique.

Let's be honest, stocking stuffer candy is one of the best things about Christmas.