06 December 2012


Scene: Angel, Rachel, and Isaac are watching television, while Angel is rubbing Rachel's feet after she had a long day at the salon. Suddenly,

Rachel: "Ahhh! No! Do not bite my toenails, Angel!"
Angel: "Why not?"
Isaac: "Hehehehe"

Scene: In the kitchen, making dinner together. While chopping up tomatoes, Angel starts thinking deep thoughts.

Angel: I love my cats, but my cats don't even know what love is.
Rachel: Is that your next facebook status?
Angel: Yes, yes it is.

Scene: At dinner with a group of people we've just met. There is a slight lag in the conversation.

Angel: "So, how many of you all were breastfed as infants?"
Rachel: *hides*

Scene: On a family vacation at a cabin. At the family dinner, Grandpa is explaining the rules for water conservation due to the fact that the sewer system doesn't like this many people staying in the house at the same time. Such rules include 2 minute showers.

Angel: "It's okay, Grandpa, Rachel and I will save water because we take showers together."
The entire family: *Open-mouthed expressions of shock and hysterical laughter*
Rachel: *glaring at Angel and hiding at the same time*

Scene: Thanksgiving dinner. My little cousin is making up superhero names for everyone in the family.

Rachel: Angel can be Superman, because he has a Superman shirt and he has muscles.
Little cousin: No, Angel has to be Super-Shark because of his sharp teeth! 

Scene: Another family thanksgiving dinner. Angel decides to chat with my uncle and aunt.

Angel: So, Uncle, how many girlfriends did you have before you got married?


I can't even bring myself to tell you what Angel did. My cheeks are still too red.

And these are the situations my slightly Victorian self can bear to share with you. Angel's always hilarious...after the fact. I have a question for ya'll. Do all men say and do such random and socially inappropriate things, or did I just get lucky with marrying Angel?


  1. oh dear! that was super hilarious! Hahahahaha! So funny. My husband does the same things...only I can't remember them as well as you :P but they always make me laugh or face palm! :) :)

  2. I literally laughed out loud at this! Oh, aren't husbands the absolute best???

  3. um. the last one? I'm dying from curiosity! :) I wanna know! how bad was it? scale of 1-10?
    (These are hilarious though! I love the breastfeeding one, haha!)

  4. These are hilarious! The shower one was my favourite by far. How embarrassing!

  5. Bahahaha...Isaiah tries to bite my toes/toenails occasionally when rubbing my feet, too. Not too often anymore though, I warned him that one of these days I'm just going to kick him in the face. ;)

    I MUST know what that last one was....!! Hahaha.

  6. Oh my gosh. My cheeks got red for you! That was so funny it took all I had not to burst out laughing in our student union. He is hilarious!

  7. My husband does sarcasm really well. He always gets a laugh and I just don't understand how he can be so sarcastic so quickly. His brain must work in overdrive to come up with some of the things he says. Esther Norine Designs

  8. When Claudio is at the pulpit and I am sitting in the pews I am always slightly scared about what he will say... there have been times when I have this feeling I know where he's going with what he's saying and I'll start shaking my head hoping that he'll look at me before he actually says the words (and will NOT say them!)

    1. and he has said several embarrassing things from the pulpit *sigh*

  9. Breastfeeding? Haha! Aww, I'm laughing and cringing at the same time. My husband says embarrassing things ALL the time.

  10. Is that your new FB status? yes, yes it is.


  11. Thanks for stopping by blog ! Your blog is adorable!

  12. Thanks for stopping by blog ! Your blog is adorable!

  13. hahahahha! oh man, i'm dying i LOVE this girl!! Keep these Angel stories coming:) but yes, my husband definitly throws a few everyone once in a while! hahahah love it, it keeps us on our toes, and makes us laugh!!!

  14. Too funny! Glad I'm not alone. My husband is forever making inappropriate comments in front of others...

  15. You can't leave us hanging with that last one!! I gotta know!

  16. Hahahaha! Oh my goodness Rachel, you had me laughing out loud! I can relate for sure...although over the years, my hubby has gotten a bit more socially acceptable :-). Don't lose hope!

  17. This is hilarious! I think it's a guy thing! I can't believe he said that to your grandpa...Just priceless.

  18. SO funny!!!!! Love it!!!! He sounds like one very cool guy......... And I do think it's a guy-ish thing =P hehe

  19. Hahaha!!! Hilarious! I'm dying to know the last one. These are all so fantastic. And YES, James is frequently embarrassing me one way or another. I won't even tell you what he told my parents as a reason he was ready to get married....

  20. hahahaha. and this is why you are seriously my favorite blogger!

  21. I should not have been eating while reading this post. . . . Rachel, you should have a warning at the beginning! ;) :D

    The breastfed and showering ones are my favorite!! My husband doesn't exactly say awkward things in public - he saves the awkward for me alone - but sometimes my dear little four-year-old sister picks up on private parts of our marriage, and his red face doesn't help keep the two of us innocent.

    "Patrick, why does Shaylee have a hickey?"

    "You two are married now, so it's okay for you to kiss."

    { sister talking to older brother who is going to work } "C, you need to kiss me before you say 'Goodbye. { sudden horrified look } Only, not with your tongue!!!"

    She gets the awkward embarrassingness from my mother. . . . As do I. Heh, heh.

  22. I would have died over the shower comment!!