07 December 2012

Shocking, Just Shocking.

What is it about you that tends to shock people?

For me, people are often shocked and slightly embarrassed when they find out that

I don't eat cake or pie.

I can read their Chinese tattoos.

I don't eat peanut butter or jelly, and Hershey's kisses don't tempt me.

I don't like the Twilight series.

I got married as a teenage college student.

And my parents weren't at the wedding.

I did graduate from college.

Starting around sophomore year in high school, I started hosting annual schoolbook burning parties at the end of every school year. I invited my friends and we roasted hot dogs over our old notebooks and filled-out workbooks.

I flew by myself internationally for the first time when I was 17. Again at 18. Again at 19.

I think airplane travel is excruciatingly boring.

I boycott pretty much every well-known fast-food chain except for Subway.

I think working on roofs is very fun. I mean I wouldn't want to do it for a job--but a mission trip or a family home improvement project? Sign me up!

I sprained my wrist working on a roof and wore a wrist brace for 2-3 years.

I fell off my garage roof when I was 13 and my Dad caught me.

I love water fights with all my heart.

I self-published a book three years ago.

I completely failed parallel parking on my driving test, and haven't attempted it since.

I eavesdrop on other people's conversations. All the time. Without feeling guilty. It's highly amusing and sometimes provides me with story ideas.

I can fall asleep anywhere. Especially in the car, but generally, anywhere.

 I've never worn contacts. When you see me without glasses (most of the time) I simply can't see perfectly.

I used to have really short hair. Like as short as a boy's hair. And sometimes people mistook me for a boy.

I admit, openly and with no shame, that I have a favorite sister.

I dance at the grocery store because the food looks so delicious.


What is it about who you are or what you do that shocks people? And why are people so easily shocked, anyways?

Extra points for anyone who gets the Veggie Tales reference at the beginning of the post. Oh wait, what's that? You say Veggie Tales is only for kids? Crazy talk.
Rachael said...

Okay, I love Veggie Tales (and you, but you already know that). So what is the Veggie reference???? I can't find it!
(oh, and I wish I've flown internationally and alone. but not this year. maybe the next?)

Anonymous said...

The only one of those that shocks me is that you don't eat cake!!!! I LOVE CAKE!!! HAHA. I think sometimes people are shocked to learn that I am not, by ANY means, girly. I am a HUGE tomboy. I dress nice for work and I guess I have one of those faces that makes people think I'm girly, but outside of work I am in boots and jeans and tshirts.

Marci Smith said...

I LOVE this post!! I feel like I know you now. You sound so fun and carefree. :)

April said...

I hate Twilight (and the Hunger Games!) failed parallel parking, and dance in grocery stores too!!! We have so much in common :)

Anonymous said...

Loved your shockers, the cake on shocked me as well! I love this dressssss!

Angi said...

Veggie Tales is awesome! I couldn't figure out the reference either...haven't seen it in a while though. ;)

I hate fast food except Subway, too. The only fast food besides Subway that we have here is McDonald's...not even CLOSE to tempting. Disgusting.

I think maybe people would be shocked to find out I *hate* water fights...haha. I don't like being wet. I don't like being caught in the rain, I get super mad when anyone throws water on me, I don't like swimming unless I'm in Hawaii and actually *doing* something like snorkeling...

Heidi said...

ha ha, I'm a certified lifeguard and I hate going into the ocean, scared silly :) I only swim in pools!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

haha I love your shockers...and for the schoolbooks! Oh my goodness my mom definitely helped me burn all my AP notes after those big thing EVER!

Anonymous said...

I had a boy haircut too! I showed one of my old roommates a picture and she didn't believe it was me.

Rebekah said...

Hi Rachel! I know what that is from!VegiTales (Oh Where is My Hairbrush) song!

Michelle said...

I love Veggie Tales!! I hate most fast food too. Gross.

People are shocked I hate milk. Like, absolutely hate it and won't go near it.

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

I don't like Twilight either...and I too can sleep anywhere and be completely comfortable! ha. seriously, put me on a tile floor and I'm OUT but I HAVE to have a blanket - it doesn't matter if it's 85 degrees, I cannot sleep without something covering me. weird, I know. bummer your parents didn't make it to your wedding :(

Unknown said...

Cutest dress ever!!!!

*hugs & love*
Ashley Danielle

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

we have a lot of things in common actually! I also failed parallel parking on my driver's test and haven't been able to do it ever.

Larissa T. said...

Love Veggie Tales!

I have no problem with parallel parking but major trouble at intersections...I have failed so many road tests it's ridiculous. *sigh*

I LOVE YOUR DRESS! If it's not too much of a pain, would you mind telling me where you bought it?

Unknown said...

I love the dress in the first picture! And those facts about you are fun! I'm your newest follower :)