28 December 2012

The Year in Review

All I can say is, it's lucky thing for you guys that I haven't been blogging for an entire year, yet. I went back and picked out my favorite posts from each month that I did blog, if you want to do a little end of the year reading.

January: MyDream

I started out the year strong with a spoof infomercial about the latest and greatest invention to hit the market.

And then I didn't blog again until...

April: The Best Laid Plans

Research papers used up all my writing energy until the 2nd time Angel and I were stranded due to car problems and had to call a tow truck convinced me to blog once more.

May: You Might be a Newlywed if...

Poking fun at this special time of life.

June was the month that I started blogging for real, and it was apparently the first month that I learned that blog posts ought to include pictures.

June: Opposites Attract

It's truly bizarre that Angel and I ended up together.

July: DIY Picnic Table

Angel spontaneously decided to make a picnic table this summer, after trying out a drill for the first time in June.

August: Genes

A candid post about the sometimes unfashionably large hair that runs in my family.

September: Do I Regret Getting Married?

Do I?

 October: Bare With Me

Just doing my part to educate the world.

November: My Closet and My Shopping Rule

Here, I disclose my secret to actually wearing and loving ALL of the clothes in my closet.

December: Two Years Down

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a little getaway and some new clothes for both of us (always a good thing, in my book!)

2012 was a good year! Here's hoping 2013 will be even better!

And by the way, it's my parents' wedding anniversary today. They've been married a long, long time. Like, longer than I've been alive! In honor of their anniversary, here's a very retro picture of Mom and Dad and baby Me! 

Rachael said...

You look so much like your dad! Okay, lots of people are always telling me I look like my dad. However, I've not ever met anyone else of a similar fate and couldn't see it between us... but I see it with you and can agree now that it's quite likely I look more like my dad than my mum!
Ah, there is much fun Rachel-laugh moment for the day :)
xo R

Clare said...

A great round up of the year - love the retro photo!!

Mrs Brown's Thoughts

Christi said...

Love this!!

Unknown said...

Aw this was great. I've only been following for a few months so its fun to get to know more about you. said...

wow, it's crazy that i only discovered your blog in august! and so glad i did!
have i ever told you that your blog was one of the first that i ever began to read?
honestly, i can't remember how i found it but i am glad that i did :)
thanks for great posts that so often make me smile/laugh!

Larissa T. said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! Great round up post Rachel... and that picnic table looks great. He did a great job!

Unknown said...

Ooh! I can't wait to catch up on all of your writing! I'm a newlywed and all of those titles stood out to me!

Angi said...

Aww baby Rachel! I like that they've been married longer than you've been alive. High five to them. ;)

Janna Renee said...

I love reading all the year in reviews! Looks like you have had a solid first year and are progressing quite nicely! Happy anniversary to your parents!!

Sarah Pete said...

Can I tell you that I've missed your blog? Like lots? Cause I have :]
Happy anniversary to your parents! Congrats!

Steph said...

This s a great idea! Can't wait to go back and read some of your fave posts :)

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great year!


Kristin said...

Awe! Thanks for the recap. Now I know what to check out!

Unknown said...

Hi Rachel! Love the "retro photo" of Mom and I and oh-so-cute, baby you. You have quite the funny smirk on your face, even then! What a great looking family... ;-)

Michelle said...

Hahaha that infomercial post was hysterical. I'm so glad you started blogging, because you are a favorite of mine!

Jennifer R said...

Awesome blog!!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Some gorgeous pictures of you this year! I also love the retro picture of you as a little baby :)

PS i'm doing a year in review link-up on my blog in case you have 30 seconds and want to join this post to the party :)

zhanna said...

I just discovered your wonderful blog!! Have a happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I love reading the yearly recaps. You learn a lot about people by how they do their recaps =) Happy Anniversary.

Suzanne said...

I'm going to have to check out more of those posts. I just LOVE that purple dress!

Happy New Year!


Falen said...

That's quite the teaser with the "Do I?" about do you regret getting married. Gonna have to go read that! I have had a blast following along with you the past few months. :) Here's to a wonderful and splendid 2013!


Kisha Jaggers said...

New Follower!! Found you though the link up! Love your Year in Review!!Hope to get to know you better! Love your blog... and if you have time check me out at Happy New Year! K Jaggers

Brooke Nicole said...

Rachel, I love this!! Awesome picnic table!! I want one! =)
And I love that purple kimono (??) photo!!
AND....I soooo feel you on the lack of writing while in school. As an English major, my blog took many hits over the last couple of years due to my writing for classes. I guess it didn't help that almost 100% of my classes were intensive writing courses. hahaha.

Thanks for linking up.
Link backs are appreciated. Xxo