27 December 2012

What is Wrong with the World?

I've noticed a very troubling trend in modern culture, and, much as I dislike stirring up controversy on a regular basis, I feel the need to use my status as a blogger to protest when things are going on in the world which simply aren't right.

 But first, a little background about why I am so concerned about this matter. You may not know it, but I need glasses to see.

The reason why not everyone knows this about me is because I'm often not wearing glasses, and I'm ESPECIALLY often not wearing glasses in pictures. The thing is, I hate wearing glasses. When I was in high school, a guy once told me, "You look prettier without your glasses." (Of course, when I was in college, a guy once told me, "I think you look pretty with or without your glasses." Guess which one I married.)

I don't think my glasses match with my fancier or dressier outfits, I don't like constantly pushing them up when they slide down my nose, and I don't like that I can't lie down and get comfy while watching a movie because the frame of my glasses pushes against my face.

Contacts aren't an option for me. You'd understand that if, like Angel, you'd ever been present at one of my eye doctor appointments. Anyone trying to put eye drops in my eyes or get anywhere close to my eyes has quite a struggle ahead of them. That's just not happening. We've considered Lasik, but it's also not likely to happen for me in the near future, at least.

So glasses it is! My driver's license says that I need to be wearing corrective lenses when I drive, so I always do, but unless I'm driving somewhere, you'll often see me without them. I'm not blind to the point where I can't see my way around a room, so I don't wear my glasses whenever it's possible to avoid it.

And then.

And then.

I became aware that it is now in fashion for people who have perfect vision to wear glasses with no lenses or with plain lenses, just for the fun of it!! I cannot even begin to describe how offensive this is to me, as a visually impaired person.

Take for example this girl:

She does not need glasses. But she decided that she wanted to start wearing glasses when she started going to college, for reasons unknown. Just to be cool and look smarter than the other college kids, I guess.

Whatever the reasoning, it's not right! Glasses are not merely an accessory to be tossed about by the flippant whims of fashion but are a very real necessity of life for many of us. I'm here issuing a call to action. It is my hope that other people who actually need to wear glasses should educate their less-informed friends and family members about this issue, and ask that our loved ones choose to respect our need for corrective lenses without feeling the need to steal this key part of our unique culture and take it for their own. I call this hipster glasses fad cultural imperialism of the very worst type, and it's time for us to make a stand.

*One more request. Could everyone who understood that this post was written entirely in jest please raise their hand?*

Anonymous said...

You both look awesome in glasses!

Unknown said...

That's funny! I've had LASIK and ever since I love the way glasses can be accessories. I want a pair to make me look smart too.

Angi said...

I was actually JUST talking to Isaiah about this yesterday...literally. I am so confused by the whole "glasses as a fashion trend" business. WHY!? I told Isaiah that would be like if all of a sudden crutches became a fashion accessory. No, I didn't break my leg - I just use them 'cause they're cute!

I feel the same way about glasses. If I could afford Lasik (and the accompanying plane tickets to go GET it done) I'd do it in a heartbeat and probably never put on another pair of glasses again. To me, they're a handicap (because I literally can't function without wearing mine) so WHY would you want to LOOK handicapped!?

That comment was not written in jest. ;)

Azara said...

I agree with Angi. Only someone who has never had to wear glasses would think this was a cute trend. I practically ran to the optometrist to get contacts when I was 14, and when the contacts stopped working (serious astigmatism and near-sightedness approaching legal blindness), I paid $7K for LASIK. Best money I have ever spent. Ever. I'm not 20/20, but I don't have to wear glasses and that's all I wanted.

Yes, I know you can get it done cheaper than that. Not for me with my crazy eyes. Good thing too, because I had a panic attack during the surgery (if medical professionals offer you valium before a procedure, TAKE IT) and the doctor had to stop the laser and then restart it in the same place. Thankfully he was one of the founders of LASIK and was able to do that successfully.

I'm signing up as a new follower. We visually impaired gals have to stick together.

Moonofsilver said...

I love glasses! And I also need them to see. I've been wearing them since I was in forth grade. I've worn them so long I can lay down with them and everything :) I'm always sad I can't wear all the fabulous cheep frames because I have to wear the same pair of glasses every day! Sigh :P

Anonymous said...

Freedom to the people! who's to say that I can or cannot wear what I wan't to wear?
Maybe it's because you guys are not culturally aware enough but oh well, what do I expect- I live in America. kkkkk
-Be confident in yourselves! glasses or not! If you were confident in yourself you wouldn't be slighted by someone innocently wearing fashion glasses. It's not like they think, "I want to be mean to the four-eyed people so i'm going to wear some fake glasses! Muahhaha!"
they do that because that is there preference. And people are allowed to have preferences.

Anonymous said...

I wish I didn't have to wear glasses. They fog up, they fall off, they're annoying to me. I've worn them for almost 20 years now and I pray that I someday get the chance to get Lasik. I wish I could give my bad eyesight to those who want to wear glasses.

Unknown said...

Hilarious! I love the line "Take for instance this girl" as if you just happened to meet her on the street somewhere. I'm pretty sure I can identify the 2 Anonymous posts here.... hee hee hee....

Life according to Lenetta said...

Hi I found you through the I love my Blog. Please stop by and say hi when you get a minute.. Happy New Year. :)

EmmaT said...

I guess people just look different in/out of glasses which is why people get the comments. My glasses were a waste of time as they didn't solve my headaches which we'd hoped they would do. My OH should wear his for driving but doesn't (largely because he drives a tractor/works on a farm, where glasses would be a big safety issue - not as much as not being able to see while driving!)

Found you through the love my post blog hop.