04 January 2013

Am I Lying to You?

Let's play a game. Two truths and a lie, folks. Guess in the comments which statement is a lie. Get all three right and you win my sincere appreciation for being an extremely good guesser. Real life family and friends on the other hand...if you miss one, I shall be disappointed in you and you'll have to take a refresher course in Rachel. (or maybe you'll just have to hang out with me more often.)

This is how I look when thinking of obscure facts and non-facts to try to trick  you all with. Okay, just joking. I have no idea what I was thinking about or laughing about but I think this picture my little brother took is so much better than most of the pictures Angel takes that I just wanted to include it.
Round 1: Facts

1. English is my native language.
2. I don't eat sushi.
3. I'm a fan of the Harry Potter Series.

Round 2: Nevers

1. I've never kissed a guy other than Angel.
2. I've never gotten a driving ticket.
3. I've never been to Mexico

Round 3: Numbers

1. I've set foot in 5 different countries in the world.
2. I own 9 purses.
3. I got a 34 on my ACT

You can test me if you want. Comment with 2 Truths and a Lie about you and I'll try to see if I can guess right.
Moonofsilver said...

Um, I bet you are not a fan of harry potter, that you have never gotten a ticket and since I've read your purse post--I bet you do not own 9 purses. Am I right? :P :P this is a cool idea!

Unknown said...

Whee! Very fun! Ok I guess that these are lies:
"I don't eat sushi"
"I've never gotten a driving ticket"
"I own 9 purses"

Angi said...

I'm guessing that the lies are:

1) You're a fan of Harry Potter
2) You're never been to Mexico
3) You own 9 purses.


Kristina said...

I guess the same as Angi

Kristina said...

Hmm...or maybe that you've never gotten a ticket, instead.

Sara Lucinda Bell said...

Ooh, too fun! I don't know you, and have only read a teensy bit of your blog, so this will be purely guessing for me!

Round one guess: you don't eat sushi.
Round two guess: You've never gotten a driving ticket.
Round three guess: You got a 34 on your ACT.

Suzanne said...

Fun! I'm guessing 3, 2 and 3.

: )


Alison said...

I love this game! Ok, my guesses are: 3. You're a fan of Harry Potter, 2. You've never had a driving ticket, and 2. You own 9 purses.