10 January 2013

Angel-isms, Part II

 Do you see the Angel?

Scene: At the bookstore at our church, we run into some of our cousins.
Angel: Hey, do you guys get a discount here?
Cousin: Why would we get a discount?
Angel: You know, for being Christians.
Scene: I call Angel during my lunch break at school.
Angel: Just wait! I have a surprise for you when you get home. It's about the cats.
Me: Did you color them purple with my hair dye?!!
Angel: How did you know??

Scene: Facebook. Some of Angel's statuses from around the last week of December
"Top ten baby names for boys and girls came out for 2012. I didn't make the list this year."
"Anyone ever had possum?"
"I blame it on the mistletoe :)"

{Editor's Note: It's okay if you don't understand. I don't think I do, and I'm pretty sure the vast majority of Angel's friends don't either. We just accept him the way he is}

Scene: At dinner with my uncle, aunt, and cousins, Angel decides that we need an icebreaker question. (No!!! Not the Angel Icebreaker Questions....)
Angel: When was the last time you got spanked? And what did you do bad? The last time I got spanked, I was 12, but I don't remember what I did. 

Scene: Early in the morning, Angel kisses me goodbye before he leaves for work.
Angel: I think I love you more in the mornings.
Rachel: I think you only love me more in the mornings when you have to work, because on your days off, you don't even want to see me in the morning!
Angel: Yeah, that's true. I guess I just don't want to go to work, so that's why I love you more right now.

Scene: We've been eating a little healthier lately. Angel's not sure he likes it very much. While eating a rice cake...
Angel: This really tastes like cardboard.
Rachel: Think of it as astronaut food.

Scene: At home. 
Angel: *Says something unmentionable. Either for political or PG-rated reasons* 
Rachel: *Laughs and/or glares at Angel, depending on the nature of the unmentionable statement*
Angel: Can I write that on Facebook?
Rachel: Umm, no way.

(That scene happens, on average, twice a week. I'm Angel's official Facebook editor. Trust me, he needs one.)
Steph said...

Haha I love reading your Angel-isms posts. Cracks me up :)

Lisette @ Northern Belle Diaries said...

Hahahahahaha. Too funny. Angel seems like an awesome dude. My hubby also has what we call around here a "filter" problem. No filter between his head and his mouth.

Moonofsilver said...

Angel seems like a awesome and funny guy to live around. Hah, hah! :P He should come with a warning label before interacting with society.

Anonymous said...

HAHA. You guys are so much like me and my husband!

Angi said...

Bahahaha...I LOVE his idea of an icebreaker question. Does it usually work? ;)

Still waiting to see pictures of these purple cats...! Haha.

LeiShell said...

What a goof. My hubby also likes the odd off topic icebreaker questions. One time we were waiting in line at Disneyland and he decided to start a random conversation with someone behind us, "What kind of camping gear do you use?" I was if to say, "this is my hubby and he's not all there!"

Paula said...

Stopping by through the blog hop to say hi! I'm already a follower :)

Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! These are the BEST!!!! "When is the last time you were spanked?" I love it!! And the facebook statuses kill me. Before James deactivated his account, he had a lot of weird and bizarre statuses too. I feel you.