31 January 2013

How to Survive Moving "Home"


While we're on the subject of Malaysia, I thought I'd do a vlog for you. And just so you know, I say it "V" log not vlog. Because I want to.

I also film vlogs while wearing a fedora and a blanket. Anything to be out of the ordinary, you know.

Also, Third Culture Kid refers to a kid who was raised in a culture other than their parents' culture. And there's all sorts of books written about us and everything. There are more and more of us in this increasingly international world, which I think is a good thing. TCKs for the win!!!


  1. I used to think a blog was called a b-log. :)

  2. Aw that was such a good essay! And I love your semi-accent, I think it's lovely. More v-logs! :)

  3. I think it is hilarious that you call him your "little brother"! Ha! Great dramatic reading. He should definitely take it as a compliment that your first thought was "I wish I wrote this".

  4. I love love love your accent! You're right, it's subtle. I also love your brother's paper!

  5. that was very very touching. FWI--your movie does not work on an iphone and caused me lots of frustration :P because I really wanted to watch it. You are so beautiful and you read very well!

  6. I love your voice, and what a great essay!