12 January 2013

My Kind of Valentine

Readers may or may not remember that Angel surprised me with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge for our anniversary in December. You know what that means? That means I'm in charge of planning Valentine's Day. In our family, we decided to take turns planning special events for each other.

Of course, in planning a special day for your spouse, you have to take into consideration what THEY would consider a special day, not only what you would like. Because, you see, my ideal Valentine's Day plan would probably involve some sort of kidnapping, scavenger hunt, international plane tickets, surprise vacation, diamonds, etc. That's me. Angel's ideal romantic day, on the other hand, would probably involve steak and me and that's it. So, while I haven't completely finished planning Valentine's Day yet, I will try to tone myself down and keep Angel's slightly more relaxed personality in mind. Try being the operative word. We'll see how things go.

To that end, I have a suggestion for a romantic gift for the easy-going guys in your lives. Kristin at Vignettes has created a gift set for your man that includes a chocolate bar, BBQ rub, massage oil, tea bags, a set to create a little dry-erase love note board, AND 5 of the cutest little envelopes with cards to write love notes on!

Kristin was kind enough to send me this gift set for free so that I could tell all of you about it--and now I just have to see if I can figure out how to keep Angel from reading this post! :)

My main love language is words of encouragement, and we all know that writing is my thing, so notes and letters are a big part of my relationship with Angel. Therefore, I'm most excited about the adorable little envelopes to put my notes in. If you've ever visited Kristin's shop, you'll know that she's very talented at working with paper, and it really shows in this kit.

However, while I'm in love with the love-note supplies, chocolate and BBQ chicken is most definitely Angel's type of thing, so all in all, I believe that this kit will work great as part of our Valentine's festivities! Thanks so much, Kristin! And for everyone else, you can buy your own kit here for $25, including shipping.

Fun Fact: My very first Valentine's Day that I had a 'special guy'--I was already married. Weird. It happened that way because we didn't start courting until March, and because we got married in December, by the time my first 'romantic' Valentine's Day came around, I had a couple months of marriage experience already.

Fun Fact Again: One time I gave my sister a secret admirer letter on Valentine's Day, and I'm still not sorry. And I think she's still slightly bitter about it. Just slightly.
Jessi said...

That kit sounds so fun! Love all the stuff included in it especially the dry erase board for love notes :)im loving your valentines ideas haha that's how it would be for us too if it was all up to me. We haven't really started planning yet..

Unknown said...

I stinking LOVE that basket, how perfect for the special day. I need to get in planning mode and start figuring out ours. (:

Heather @ From Here to There said...

That's so cute! I'm glad I saw this post because I rarely am the one to do something big on Valentines day, but maybe I'll turn that around this year! And I love your idea of switching off big things!

Marlen said...

Hahah just you and a steak, I love how simple men are. And i like the idea of taking turns planning for each other- especially with a holiday like Valentines Day. My boyfriend totally thinks that that holiday is just for me, and I'm working on showing him he gets to be showered with mushy love too haha. And that kit sounds so sweet and fun!

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

I feel like my husband is the hardest to get a gift for - ugh! Better start shopping now!