28 January 2013

My Trick for Staying Warm

So, once in a while we go to the grocery store, and I say, "Hey Angel, take pictures of me, because the lighting here is so much better than the lighting at home!"

And Angel says, "Yes! Let's take pictures in front of the fish!"

So I bring you, outfit pictures in front of fish. I bet all of those people wandering the produce section had no idea that they had the honor of witnessing a blogger's photoshoot.

Anyways. My outfit on that day was designed solely for maximum warmth. I don't actually like layering very much, but I'll do it if necessary. I also don't like scarves very much, but I have to admit that they do help with warmth. But here's my real secret to staying warm: I'm wearing leggings under my jeans.

You see, Angel was shopping for some pants recently and we came across flannel-lined pants for men. I talked him out of buying them because Angel doesn't actually like to be warm. But then I looked online to see if such lined jeans exist for women. And I came across jeans like this. They don't look good at all. And they're over $50. So, I wear leggings under my jeans and under the slacks I wear to work, and I get the benefit of flannel-lined jeans without the ugliness and the cost. Hurray!

On another note:

I had to show off my sweater a little more because of a discovery I made. The children's clearance section of Old Navy. I've never been a fan of Old Navy, because they don't carry much clothing to fit people like me. But I wandered into the kid's clearance section and found this awesome sweater for $6, and now I will be frequenting that section of the store regularly. What's more--they offered this sweater in 2 sizes bigger than the one that fit me! Kids must be growing a lot these days. Well, I am destined to be in the bottom 3 shortest of my siblings so that could have something to do with it...


In other news, if you're in college, check out my article in Quite magazine about How to pull off straight A's!


  1. Wow. You must be really tiny!! I'm average, so I can wear anything from a Small to a Large...really. (some smalls I can't wear, it depends on the store, and some larges swallow me, but I can usually get away with anything)

    I also love your hair!

  2. fish in the grocery store? interesting! and nice outfit / sweater!

  3. What a steal on the sweater.

    ha the fish!


  4. Wait a cotton pickin' minute here. You guys get live fishies in your grocery store?? We have frozen Gordan's fisherman ones but not like fish tank ones!!

  5. Fish at your grocery store!? I thought I'd seen it all...haha. Love the sweater!!!

  6. I wear leggings under my pants all the time. I have never seen fish tanks at the grocery store. So fun!

  7. Love the outfit... Wish I had your problem and could shop in the kids section! Haha! Love your bright blue pants especially!!

  8. that is a good way to stay warm! I like layering but get to hot!!

  9. Great layering!!! Looks so warm and elegant!

  10. I am all about layers. Last week was particularly cold in NYC and I refuse to wear pants (I hate [non-elastic] waistbands!!!!) so under my skirt, I wore two pairs of cotton leggings over one pair of cotton thermal long underpants. I also wore thigh high knit socks. People always ask me how I wear skirts in the winter, this is how. I am sure I am warmer that most people.

    I am slowly warming up to the idea of scarfs. (Pun intended.) I hope to one day make myself the coolest cowl ever. Perhaps this will be the winter it happens.

    Thanks for sharing the good word about leggings and layers!

  11. I wear leggings under my work pants during the winter too! The walk from the parking garage to my office building can be brutal so why not! I like your color combo!

  12. I'm all about staying warm too!! I am constantly layering when I go anywhere!! I wear leggings under jeans ALL.THE.TIME. Soooo great! And who knew about those fleece lines jeans, haha!

  13. Haha, I wear tights and leggings under my jeans too. Those flannel-lined jeans just look like dungarees to me. And I can't believe you got that sweater from Old Navy's kids section. How tiny are you? I wear a small at almost every other stores, and with Old Navy I'm usually a medium!

  14. Love the the backdrop. LOL! You look great. the lighting is awesome!