29 January 2013

Unique Home Decor

Did I say "unique"? That's probably a good word for it. My idea of home decor is to paint every room whatever color I randomly pick out at the paint store and throw whatever furniture people happen to give me for free into various corners of each room. It works.

We do have one piece of furniture, however, that Angel and I put a lot of our personalities into, and I thought I'd share that with you today. Introducing, our china cabinet:

This china cabinet belongs to my mom, but we're putting it to good use for the time being. She bought it at an auction when I was little, and from my youth, I remember it being filled with her collection of china teacups and crystal dishes that only came out on special occasions. Now, it's chock-full of random stuff that Angel and I consider important enough to display in our home. Some of the contents will be highlighted below.

First, we have the magic disappearing chocolate bar that Angel fell in love with at a candy store. Standing behind it are a pair of dolls from Korea. I know some people don't like dolls, so I'll warn you now, there are many more coming.

We honeymooned at Mammoth Cave National Park. If you know the area, you'll remember that the park is surrounded by stores selling cool rocks. We brought home these two as mementos of our trip. The amethyst is Angel's, mine is the colorful one, but I don't know what it's called. Any geologists who can identify it for me?

A coffee pot, the bottle of rum Angel gave me on our 2nd Christmas together (I don't drink), and a doll from England.

The heart-shaped box is from Israel, the blue china doll from Germany. The vase was an engagement present and the pewter plate is Angel's. He loves anything made of pewter. My little Bavarian doll in the background was a gift from one of my sisters for Christmas some years ago.

I love this tea set that I received at one of my bridal showers. And yes, there's a rock with a fossilized shell on the tray. 

Yes, I had an American Girl doll, too. Did any of you have one? Someday I'm going to save a lot of Christmas present money by giving her and all of her clothes to my daughters.

Cambodian doll, Japanese doll, Boyds doll who appears to be dropping her teddy bear. And an empty bottle from a Korean Aloe Vera drink.

Knowing me, you should have known it was going to be random. And international. But I suppose now you've learned a few more things: I like dolls and rocks. And Angel likes chocolate, pewter, and unopened bottles of rum. Who would have thought?
Moonofsilver said...

wow, cute! I completely understand the random thrifted furniture. Our house is full of it! I like it, but I'm a bit tired of things not matching and being worn out (some of our furniture my husband bought thrifted when he was in college, 6 years ago.)

I love your collection, and how personal it is to you.

Christi said...

So cute that you still have your American Girl doll! I never got one because I was more of a Barbie girl. I do remember feeling left out when all my little friends had their AG dolls and books though!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

great collection! have you been to Israel or did someone bring you the box? I never had an AG doll but my daughter has 2, lucky girl!

Shaina A. said...

This is so neat because everything has it's own story and memory behind it! I love your unique home decor :)

LeiShell said...

I think it really shows a person's interests by what they decorate their homes with. You are eclectic just like in your writing. Super neat. I like boxes and turtles so my home has many of them. As well as picture frames (of course) and lots of books. :)

Michelle said...

SAMANTHA! I had that same outfit for her, too :)

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

I love you Rachel but that Cambodian doll freaks me out! hahaha. Cool d├ęcor though! It's probably the piece that everyone looks at when they come over :) I'm nosey like that and snoop around :) I don't open drawers though - just look. hahaha

Mrs. Bennett Has Class said...

Your home is full of stories! Just like you! I love it!

Anna said...

I love how everything has a memory and a reason to be there. Your house would be fascinating to visit!