26 February 2013

Dear Anonymous...

Just to clarify, this is not the same 'Anonymous' that many bloggers write to, the Anonymous who writes spam comments in extremely enthusiastic and grammatically incorrect English. Nor is it the 'Anonymous' who doesn't have a kind word to say in his comments on blog posts.

I've come across both of those before, but this is something completely different. This 'Anonymous' goes by the name of Sput C. Lure III and muffin.

What the heck?
 During my sophomore year of college (09-10), I received this inexplicable note in the mail. It actually came through the U.S. postal service. At least, it had my address and a stamp on the envelope, and was found in the mailbox, so I've always assumed it came through them. I had no idea what it meant at the time, and I have no idea now.
The note claimed that it had a purpose, though, and strangely, I believed it. Obviously, since I've kept it all these years. I've always suspected my uncles, or other prankster relatives, but as of this date, no one has admitted to the crime. My Malaysian family and friends are off the hook, because the envelope bore an American stamp. Unless of course they came up with an elaborate plan that involved an American co-conspirator. Who knows, really?

This note has lain among my files for several years, but I think it's time to reopen the case. If you sent it, confess, and tell me what the purpose of the note was. Did you want to gain fame and fortune by being featured on my blog? 

And before any of you suggest it, let me just say that I'm fairly certain it wasn't from Angel. I don't think we were in contact at the time I received the note. Of course, I can never be quite sure with that guy.


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  1. From the writing I would say it's a man who wrote it. lol.

    That is kinda mysterious!

  2. the muffins are taking over the world?

  3. Wow! Very interesting and intriguing!

  4. It looks like boy handwriting...but then again it could be specifically written like that to throw you off. OR maybe a girl came up with the idea and had a boy write it for her. OR maybe a girl has boyish handwriting. OR maybe a boy DID right it! Oh gosh, I can't deal with this. I hope you figure out who this person is asap!

  5. Well, Sput C. Lure is an anagram for "sculpture" if that means anything, but who knows...super mysterious! That kind of thing drives me crazy until I can figure it out, haha.

  6. How interesting and mysterious!! I hope one day you figure it out!!

  7. That would drive me CRAZY! I would want to know why they sent it & who it was. Good luck finding out ;)

  8. I love that "and muffin" was included. We certainly wouldn't want to leave "muffin" out of the equation. LOL

    Freaky deaky.


  9. I don't know if I would want to even know who anyone is that signed anything as muffin but this should be interesting. I can't wait to find out if you solve this mystery.

  10. Maybe the same person as your college stalker? ;)

    I used to have a dog named Muffin, but I have a sneaking suspicion he didn't send that letter.

  11. Hmmm... that's crazy! I might be a little freaked out to have received a note like that! lol

  12. I'm SOO happy I discovered your blog (via the 2/26 GFC Blog-Hop), Rachel! I really like it! And this adventure/letter is THE bomb. Did you frame it? I'd SOO frame it so that I can get a daily chuckle. Plus, it's a sweet ice-breaker! Anyways, keep up your random writings and feel free to stop by/follow my blog ( :). I'd sure appreciate it!


  13. This is too funny! I love it! Let us know when you solve the mystery!

  14. For some reason, reading this is giving me uncontrollable giggles. I have no idea who wrote it, but my goodness, that note is entirely BRILLIANT. Who could ever even come up with something that clever?? especially the name! Whattherandom??!

  15. I think Angel found a time machine and went back in the past to send that note to you because he knew it would mess with you. ;)