21 February 2013

I'm the Kind of Rachel who....

For a long time, the line I had that went along with my profile picture on the right side of my blog was "I'm Rachel, and that explains everything." I still think that explains everything, but it has come to my attention that there are a variety of Rachels in this world, so I thought it behooved me to clarify which type of Rachel I am, specifically. 


 I'm the kind of Rachel who....

Does not like winter. One bit. I can't even pretend to like it for politeness' sake

Uses words like "behoove," "echewed," or "incumbent" in blog posts. Sorry, I can't help myself.

Gets extremely excited about the little happy things of life. Like Gilligan's Island or Riesens or nail polish or sparkly things or a pink and purple sunrise or my favorite song playing on the radio.

Does not have a reputation for adjusting well to change.

Does not crave chocolate, but craves a lot of unpronounceable things: Char Koay Teow, Muar Chee, Roti Canai, Murtabak, etc.

Is easily startled by spiders and/or my husband attempting to startle me.

Rarely, if ever, wears heels.

Kisses my my husband at red lights.

Is always up for a good game of hide and seek in the dark. Or a waterfight, either one. Or combined.

Loves painting my nails but hates using nail polish remover. I assume you can guess the usual state of my nails.

Uses my poor vision as a good reason not to be overly worried about housecleaning. If I can't see any dirt, there must not be any dirt.

Dreams of the lifestyle of an eccentric author

Has been known to give standing ovations in the movie theater.

Has a little too much fun getting dressed every day.

Doesn't swear. Or drink. Or smoke. (One of those people....)

But is still fun to hang out with.

Is not afraid of the camera.

Got both a B.A. and an MRS. before the age of 21, and is proud of it.

Is an annoyingly picky eater. Nuts? Seafood? Asparagus? Bell Peppers? Lasagna? No.

In other news, there were 100 total entries into the 500 follower giveaway via comments, and 12 was the number that chose, therefore, the winner of ad space and a $50 Target gift card is Sharon from The Tiny Heart! Thank you all for reading and commenting, and keep doing it, because I'll let you in on a little secret...there will be another giveaway around here very shortly....

Also, this post is most definitely a variation upon Holly's idea from Running in Stiletto's

Unknown said...

Hello Rachel! I'm visiting from Morgan's "Almost Friday" blog hop. I have to say that I'm definitely with you on the hating-winter thing. I don't think I'd survive anywhere further north than I live right now {which is central Alabama}... Oh and yeah, I don't really wear heels either.

Maggie B. said...

What a great post Rachel! I think a game of hide and seek with a water fight sounds awesome. =) I'm in the kind of Maggie that agrees with most everything said here. Except that I swear. And drink. And will eat anything that isn't moving faster then I am....

Heidi's Wanderings said...

I can so relate to not liking cold weather. It doesn't how hard I try. I just can't do it!

Unknown said...

This post is sooo great! I am totally there with you on a few of those things. I also so do not crave chocolate although I have no idea what the other stuff you listed is ;)

Anonymous said...

Rachel you are a very cool lady - thanks for sharing! Blog hopping from Almost Friday Thursday.

TheTinyHeart said...

Loved getting to know more about you! I can't stand winter either...I wish we could just fast forward to summer :) Your theory on dirt cracked me up. Thanks again for the awesome giveaway!

The Tiny Heart
February Group Giveaway!

LeiShell said...

I think you are an awesome Rachel:)

Natasha Atkerson said...

NEVER CRAVES CHOCOLATE...?! WHAT!?! *clears throat* oh yeah...pshhh me neither! LOL! Okay..sometimes..
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

so glad I'm not the only picky eater around this place. haha.

Nicola Kirsty said...

I love posts like this that tell me random stuff about a person!

Poor vision as an excuse not to clean? Using this in the future, haha.
Little happy things in life? Always a good perspective to have. My favourite song coming on the radio can have me smiling for hours.
Don't swear/drink/smoke? You're still someone I think I'd have great fun hanging out with.
BA and MRS before 21? Hugely impressed.

Terri said...

That's a pretty great kind of Rachel to be! I may have to steal this from you.

Tyler said...

I don't drink or smoke either.. swearing though.. I should probably be better about that :P

Jennifer R said...

This is so cute!! I love getting to know other bloggers better!

Jennifer R said...

I love getting to know about other bloggers! You are too cute!

Unknown said...

Rachel, how did I go so long without reading your blog??? (Yeah, I guess that I'm not going to comment on every post).

I totally don't ever crave chocolate.
I totally kiss my Husband at red lights - and I feel totally unoriginal as well. :P
I totally use my poor vision as an excuse for not dusting. . .
I totally do not drink or smoke, and I only use British swear words. Hah.
I am totally an annoyingly picky eater too. Poor Husband.

What say, BFFs here? ;)