01 February 2013

The Newlywed Game

 I thought this link up was an brilliant idea, because I find Angel to be a fairly interesting fellow, and from what I can tell, most of you do too, so any way to include him on the blog is great for me! Here are the questions that we answered separately. And I didn't edit his answers at all except for one tiny little word that I didn't like. Hey, it's my blog! :)

1.  What was it about your spouse that made you think they were "the one"?  

Rachel: Okay, the funny thing is, I think my mom kind of picked up on this before I did--but it was the fact that Angel "got" me that kind of made me think twice about him. I'm used to people not really understanding my approach to life. But there were several things he did when we were "just friends" that made me know that he somehow understood me in a way most people never did. He used to always walk me out to my car after parties with friends. Is Angel the kind of guy who walks a lady to her car out of pure gentlemanliness? Heck no. But somehow he knew that was what I would want. When he asked me to kiss him for the first time, what he said was, "I know you don't want me to kiss you, but I just wanted to let you know that I wouldn't mind it if you did." My response was to laugh hysterically and then kiss him. He gets me!

Angel: Two things, intuition and choice. I was talking to a mutual friend of ours and informed him that, "You know, Rachel would make a good wife." I said it in a way that implied it for me. At the time I had a girlfriend and still believed that Rachel would make a good wife. On a different year, I woke up from a sleep and again had the same statement in mind and chose to pursue her for marriage and that was it. 

2. What is your spouse's most annoying habit?
Rachel: I choose to not find any of his habits annoying. It is a choice, ya know. If I was going to be annoyed, it might be by the fact that he bites his toenails, but as things are, it doesn't bother me. I do draw the line when he tries to bite my toenails.

Angel: Wisdom from one of Rachel's professors: "If you're always getting annoyed by the things your spouse does, something needs to change about you, not them."

 Angel never looks at the camera when I take pictures while he's driving.
3. Does your spouse have to sleep on "their side of the bed", if so, which side?

Rachel: I must sleep on my side of the bed!! And my side is always the side closest to the bathroom. 
Angel: Yes, she needs to sleep closest to the bathroom. I also place a pillow between us to keep her from coming over to my side and overheating me because she gets cold. 

 4. How are you planning to spend Valentine's Day? (simple or outrageous)

Rachel: It's a secret for Angel, so clearly I can't tell you. But the actual day will be spent working. Angel has a 12 hr shift and I have an 8 hr. shift. I have a very loose definition of holidays.

Angel: I'm not sure, we alternate turns in planning special "couples" holidays because I believe birthdays, valentines, dates, etc places a lot of planning stress on a man. So to make it less stressful Rachel plans one year and I plan the other.
5. Who usually ends up trying to resolve an argument (aka..being the "bigger person")?

Rachel: Totally me. Angel mostly takes the strategy that he didn't even notice that there was an argument. He's gotten much better about it than he used to be, though.

 Angel: The amount of arguments can probably be counted in one hand, so statistically there would be no significance as a clear representative of either hypothesis.

 6.  How many kids do you plan to have one day, if any?

Rachel: Twin girls and maybe a boy, too.

 Angel: As many as I can afford and still keep our lavish lifestyle. 

7. What is your spouse's best friend's name & do you get along with them?

Rachel: I don't really think he has any best friends. Just me.
Angel: (No Answer)

 8. If your spouse one day told you that they are an ex-convict, how would you react?

Rachel: I would know he was joking, because if you saw the kind of background check my family did on this guy before we got married, you'd know there was definitely no chance of us missing a criminal record.

Angel:If she "is" then I would have to call her mommie, but if she "were" then I would drop to the floor and laugh.
 9. Do you wish your spouse would stop doing a particular routine?

Rachel: Occasionally I think I wish he wouldn't do his "Angel's famous icebreaker questions"...but I would probably miss them if he stopped doing it.

Angel: Yes! Monthly cycle and daily coughing. Those are so annoying! 
 10. Did the honeymoon go exactly as planned?

Rachel: Of course! Probably because we didn't go on our honeymoon till 6 months after we got married, so we had time to plan. I planned the road trip to Mammoth Cave National Park and Cedar Point and we specifically bought a GPS just for the trip so we didn't get lost once. We did have a pretty big fight, though.

 Angel: As planned yes. As expected? Lets just say that I learned a lesson for a lifetime and towels are not as precious as an image bearer of God, especially a sexy one.


In other news, what do you think of my new design by Kay? My favorite part is definitely the bio on the sidebar over there. I'm in love with it because Angel's expression makes it look like he still suspects he might have gotten hitched to a crazy lady. Genius. 
Brhea said...

I like the idea that if your spouse annoys you it's probably something about you. I'm excited to follow your blog.

Anna said...

LOVE the design! :) it looks amazing.
(haha Rachel, you should stop that pesky 'monthly cycle' business. Angels answers are the best!)

Heidi said...

hee hee, this was funny :) and I love your new design!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

I love love love your new design!

And Angel's answer to 9 is absolutely priceless! love it!

Heather @ From Here to There said...

Love your new desing!!! :)

Karla said...

"If you're always getting annoyed by the things your spouse does, something needs to change about you, not them."

Okay, I just LOVE that statement. Like, how true is that? Love it.

You both seem so cute together! I loved reading all of your answers, thank you so much for linking up! =D

Suzanne said...

Okay...I hope you meant bites his fingernails...because if he bites his toenails he is very very flexible! LOL


Erin @ Come What May said...

Love the new look!

Michelle said...

Love this!! Biting his weird!

"Monthly cycle and daily coughing"....this cracked me up!

Tyler said...

I love that you guys alternate on planning.. seriously, what a great idea!