11 February 2013

Today, I am a Sparkly Pirate

I often get emotionally attached to my clothes. When you move frequently, clothes are sometimes the only things that you get to bring with you from home to home, and you can grow to look upon them as old friends, who have shared many memories and adventures with you. Sometimes, you might come to love them a little too much--and might still be wearing and loving certain articles of clothing long past their expiration date. 

You might think that that entire paragraph was pure insanity, but I'm not exaggerating much. My family knows how fond I am of some of my clothes

I tend to be able to remember where all of my clothes came from. Take this outfit for example. I bought this dress in high school, after a long search for the perfect denim mini-dress. The purple jeans were one of the very few "just for fun" purchases during my days as a broke college freshman. My black and silver scarf was part of a package my parents sent me after I moved out, and my sparkly pink Converse were a gift Angel bought me when we'd only been married a few months. The brass bracelet came from Cambodia, and the black one is from that year or two in high school when I was very fond of punk/goth accessories. My heart necklace I bought during the last vacation I ever went on with my family.

So, there you have it. I'm fiercely loyal to my clothing. Oh well. There are worse things, I suppose.

Do have any clothes that you're inordinately fond of?

And for the record, no, I have no shame in taking outfit pictures in the middle of Jo-Ann's while waiting for my fabric to get cut. I'm all about not wasting time.


  1. oh Jo anns, if only I could afford you. ours here is Super expensive, as in 8$ AND UP a yard. sigh. I can sometimes find things in their discount section, but usually just end up finding my fabric at goodwill.

    Also, I am super attached to my clothes :)

  2. I'm super confused by this outfit, but you can see how comfortable you are in it:) I'm not attached to clothes, purses maybe. I just like getting new clothes every season. I hard hanging onto things I wore out the previous year, I guess I get bored easy?

  3. You crack me up girl!!! Love it, and love that you are in Joann's! What are you making! Also, I'm not sure if I told you but Kevin and I are moving to Nepal in April! I just posted it on my blog! Thought of you:)

  4. I'm extremely loyal and fond of my clothes too! I have far too many clothes I should get rid of but.. "Oh this happened when I was wearing this.." or "Oh this is from that one summer when..." *sigh*

  5. I am really attached to my clothes too. I hate to get rid of any of them, even if it's been forever since I wore something. You are rocking the Jo-Ann's photoshoot :)

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  6. That kills me you took the photos in Jo-Anns!


  7. Haha love that you killed time taking photos in Jo-Anns. That denim dress is lovely, thats awesome that all these pieces have so much meaning behind them. I have a few items of clothing I'm pretty attached to, but I think I'm slowly getting better at moving on. Haha.

  8. Super cute! I just love that denim dress. I'd never be able to pull it off, but you look great!

  9. I would so wear that denim dress, if I wasn't too "curvy" to pull it off. I get attached to clothes too! I wore my high school choir tshirt for years... Till it got holes, and had paint all over it... Stephen hated it so much he wanted to burn it :)

  10. I remember the stories behind my clothes, if they have a story. It is much harder for me to get rid of things that I was wearing during an important moment in my life.

  11. I am oddly attached to my clothes too. Not really certain items, but definitely the fact that when we move, the clothes always come too.

  12. I want to be a sparkly pirate too. That seems way more interesting that wearing boring work clothes.