13 February 2013

WBBE: Hairstyling Tips

I don't blow dry, straighten, or curl my hair daily. Daily? Not even once a week! Actually, I never blow dry my hair. I do straighten my bangs frequently....and for rare special occasions I will get out the curling iron to add a little polish to my hairstyle. Once every couple months I'll use some hairspray. Why should I let the fact that straight hair is in style dictate how I spend my time in the morning and why should it make me fight against the natural unruly texture of my hair?

However, hairstylists are, after all, supposed to have nice hair. So I have to be tricky. I'm not going to iron my hair flat every day or blow dry it, but I sure will buy or make pretty flower hair clips and headbands to put on--creating the illusion that I have beautifully styled hair. Shhhh...don't tell anyone at my school!

These are a few I made with the help of fabric scraps, my sewing machine, and a hot glue gun. Seeing as I got a pack of 5 headbands for 4 dollars, so far, making my own is definitely cheaper than picking up some pretty ones at Claire's!

So there you have it--advice on how to fake fancy hair, from a cosmetology pro.

And, by the way, I'll be having a giveaway shortly, as soon as this little blog reaches 500 followers....


  1. I love hair clips! and I don't think straight hair is in style (at least not here) your hair is beautiful, you should be so excited that your hair is amazing with so little fuss (mine is like that too) I've never made a head band like that...but now I want to!

    lol I saw my husbands post when you commented on it. I was like ??????? hah hah...

  2. I would love to have some natural curl and texture in my hair like what you have. As usual, people always seem to crave what they don't have.


  3. BOOM 500. I've been following you with Bloglovin, but I wanted to get you to 500 so I'll follow you two ways now. I'm the same way with my hair. I used to straighten my hair all the time, but now that my crazy hair has calmed down over the years I can just let it air dry into curls and straighten the bangs. Easy peasy!

  4. I have been trying to get away from straightening my hair so much!


  5. Hey Rachel!! I love those, so creative!!


  6. you = pull this so much