20 February 2013

WBBE: I Actually Can Do Hair

Just in case this whole "Worst Beauty Blogger Ever" thing makes you think I can't do hair...
I can.
 My first time doing cornrows.

 The longest/most hair I've ever curled, for a client who was going to a high school dance.

Bored at school so I invent random updos on mannikins.
 I give him all of his haircuts. And they always turn out exactly the same, which is what we're going for.
And to top it all off, there's this masterpiece of a monstrosity of a "helicopter" perm wrap that I did yesterday. You're welcome.
 photo TRWORsig_zps564b92a0.jpg


  1. wow. I love the braids!! I really need to start to do more with my hair...

    I think you are a great beauty blogger. One of my favorite things about going to the salon (when I go) is laughing! And you make me laugh every day

  2. What does the helicopter perm look like when you take all of the rollers out?? I'm so curious! And I have zero hair skills. Seriously, I can't even brush it right.

  3. I want to see what that perm looked like when you took out the rollers. I had no idea they even did perms anymore.


  4. Haha, the hair mannequins always crack me up. I bet you do great hair ;)

  5. I totally wish I lived a tad bit closer to you - I would probably have you do my hair once a week (at least) - it's getting long and all I do is throw it up in a pony tail...lame!

  6. Those mannequins kinda creep me out.
    I love the curling you did for the high school dance! Do you have any tips for getting curls to last? Mine always fall out within about an hour.

  7. Great job, I love how the mannequin with corn rows has gray hair. lol