27 February 2013

WBBE: My New Haircut!

So, I was fairly angry at my hair on Saturday, and I did what any logical woman would do, I got it all chopped off. The guy used a razor to cut my hair and I'm not sure why, because I've been taught not to use a razor on naturally curly hair, but I've noticed no disastrous effects, so everything might turn out okay. There's really not much more to say about a haircut, so I'd like to talk about the mall instead.

I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit that the mall is pretty much my favorite place in the whole world. Not one mall in particular, but malls in general. I have loved malls for years. In high school, I wrote a poem about my most-frequented mall at the time--that was a 7-floor mall which I knew so thoroughly that I could direct anyone to the exact location of any store or restaurant in the mall. I was that good.

Last summer, I convinced Angel that taking a road trip to Minnesota was a good idea, mainly because it has been my dream to visit the Mall of America since I was a little kid and heard that the Mall of America existed. It was just as amazing as I expected it to be.

I frequent our area malls on a regular basis, too. It's not that I'm a shopping fiend of any kind. I'm actually not an impulse buyer at all. To me, the mall is just a happy place to be. I love seeing all the people, eavesdropping on tidbits of conversations, staring in at the window displays of the fine jewelry stores, and giving Angel my honest opinions of the clothes I see that do not meet my high standards of fashionable ingenuity. Occasionally I will fall in love with a pair of polka-dot sneakers or a sparkly sweater, but I can easily go to the mall without spending anything. 
Do you have a happy place where you go just for fun? Is it a more reasonable one, like, say, a park? I like those, too.
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  1. It's cute! I wish I could pull off short hair. It seems like it would be easy to maintain, haha! But I'm going for the opposite which is really long hair which also seems easy to maintain. :p

  2. Love the haircut! It looks great on you.

    I love malls, too. It's one of the big things I miss about living anywhere but Sitka...haha.

  3. Cute! I've always wanted to experiment with my hair, however cutting my bang is about as "daring" as I get! ;)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. Super cute! I love the mall as well. I'm a huge impulse shopper, but I can keep it in check most of the time. My friends and I used to go to the mall in high school just to try on cute dresses and get smoothies.

  5. I love your new hair!! Its amazing. I also love how you matched it to your outfit! Clever!

    I dislike malls. Victoria secrete adds everywhere? //no thanks. I'm also a impulse shopper, so I need to go to thrift stores so I don't break the bank. Also, my mall is full of 13-16 year old goth kids making out in corners //eww

  6. You have a bit of purple in your hair now! Awesome! The cut looks great. Digging the boots too : )


  7. Wow, you rock the look! Brave lady for chopping it off, that's for sure.

    Harley & Jane

  8. Um your hair looks amazing like this! I've always loved pixie cuts but I don't have the face for it. I love it on you! And I love malls too :) I used to work at one so it was kind of my home away from home.

  9. WOW great hair cut!! I love it! And I like sitting in coffee shops...totally ordinary I know, but so chill and full of opportunities to people watch :)

  10. loving your hair - I have days I want to chop mine off but it never happens because I tell my husband "if I ever have a day I just rant and rave about wanting to cut all of my hair off, don't let me" - and he doesnt. and then I thank him. the hardest was when I was pregnant....and now my hair is loonnnnggggg - not sure if it'll make it through the next pregnancy. ha

  11. Your hair cut is adorable. And what a fun outfit, love the layering and pattern mixing :)

  12. Your hair!! It turned out super cute! Does Angel like it? :)

  13. Oooooh. I happen to very much dislike malls. Mostly because my home state has lame excuses for them, and also because of childhood trauma involving the outlet mall in Vegas. . . . { shiver } My happy place is the LDS temple that I was married in. :) Also, your haircut is adorable. :)

  14. Ooh! I love it! It goes so well with the outfit and purple and everything. Funky FOR SURE! (in a good way)