18 February 2013

What does Marriage Have to do with Getting Dressed?

Angel likes it when I wear white.
I like it when I wear fuchsia, blue, purple, turquoise, red, or black.
Angel likes it when I wear a dress with no tights.
I like to wear tights with crazy colors and patterns.
Angel thinks that floor length skirts are not pretty.
I feel like a Victorian lady when I wear floor length skirts.
Typically, I dress however I want to. I'm not much of a rule-follower and I'm not terribly fashion conscious. I'll never, never tell someone that they shouldn't wear something just because it's not in style or the color isn't a trendy one. I always say, if you like it, wear it.

But at the same time, there are guidelines set around what I wear. When I lived with my parents, the general standard for how all of us girls were allowed to dress was no skirts or shorts that showed our knees, no sleeveless shirts, and no bikinis. I have no problem with those guidelines at all. The way I express my personal style has always been much more through bright colors and pairing unexpected articles of  clothing together than through showing skin. I used to regularly wear jeans or floor-length skirts in 90 degree weather and think nothing of it.

Then, I got married. After marriage, my parents don't get a say in determining what I wear, rather, my husband does. Shortly before our wedding, Angel told me that he would appreciate it if I would dress a little more "sexy" when we were married. Now here's the problem, I've never really been known as a "sexy" dresser. A sparkly one? Yes. A colorful one? Yes. Similar to a five-year-old who just puts on all the clothes she loves the most and calls it good? Yes. Sexy? No. Since our first acquaintance, apparently, the outfits that I so enjoy wearing have been making Angel roll his eyes at my weirdness. However, since he is my husband now, I have tried to listen to his request and incorporate some articles of clothing that HE likes into my wardrobe, such as skirts that hit above my knee, white blouses, and a pair or two of shorts. When it's warmer outside, I'll wear dresses without my beloved tights, because Angel prefers a normal-legged wife to a blue, pink, purple, or polka-dot-legged wife. During the winter, however, Angel's kind of out of luck.

In all honesty, there's really not a whole lot we wholeheartedly agree on when it comes to my clothing, except shoes (we both appreciate pretty shoes).  But when I tried on this Shabby Apple dress as soon as it arrived in the mail, the first thing Angel said was: "This is my favorite dress out of all of your dresses!"

This dress was almost a shoe-in for Angel's approval, because it's white. But I'm not going to lie, I think it's the fitted cut of the dress that he likes most. I tend to gravitate toward dresses with a flared skirt, but I'm glad I picked this one out with the $50 giftcard that I won on Rachel Sayumi's blog (see, entering blog giveaways can pay off!). I'm sure Angel would have liked it better without the turquoise tights, but it was below freezing. I try to keep my husband's tastes in mind when I get dressed, however, the outfits he likes are much more appropriate during the summer!

Do your husband's preferences influence the way you dress?

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  1. i am lucky that my husband doesn't care at all what i wear. (or what he wears, for that matter.) which is good, because my style varies from day to day. some days i wear the same thing for three days in a roll, and he doesn't bat an eyelash. then again, we've been married for seven years. the honeymoon phase is definitely over. :)

    i should mention that while he doesn't care what i wear, he will comment on it. like if he thinks i look like a certain character. whenever i wear boots and brown tights, he references me to link from the legend of zelda.

  2. My husband is the same way. He likes what I wear, but he especially likes when I dress "sexier". It's hard though because now that I'm married I'm not going to bars or clubs and dressing to impress so I don't really buy that kind of clothes anymore.

  3. that dress is so cute! I love it! My husband does not seem to care how I dress, as long as I look "nice". Nice means hair brushed and not wearing sweat pants!

    Actually, the only "talk" we've had over clothes is sleeping-clothes. I like to sleep in layers, because I get cold. My husband would prefer that I didn't sleep in anything! Not going to happen. I'll freeze!

  4. I love your polka dot dress! LOVE! Husband is very fortunate he likes what i wear because I dress for me, not him. :) I think he also likes my sassy attitude about that too. LOL.

  5. Scott, generally, doesn't care what I wear, but he has made it clear that he doesn't like poofy dresses. My wedding dress was fitted and so was one of my formal dresses (Army ball). I like poofy skirts with pockets, but I agree that too poofy makes you feel like you're supposed to be pregnant or something (hello, empire waist). He does like the colored tights!

    I love that jean jacket!

  6. that is SUPER CUTE! and seriously, what better person to wear it then you - I really mean it, you totally rock that dress. And we've talked about this before - my hubby likes skanky stuff. haha. jk. he just likes fitted and does have a say in what I wear - but sometimes momma over-rules what he says depending on the day and my mood.

  7. That dress looks amazing on you! If you want to "sexy" it up a bit, when it's warmer out, ditch the tights and go with a cute pair of shoes in one of the colors in the dress.

  8. For starters, that dress is GORGEOUS and fits your fabulously! And secondly, I know exactly what you mean by the hubs helping to determine what you wear. My hubs also hates tights (I wear them 4x a week AT LEAST) and think they look much better than my pale legs (I too wear crazy colors and patterns, which I think he hates more than just my plain black, brown, blue or red tights.) The thing I love about you and your blog is that you're willing to step outside the "normal fashion" rules and wear what you WANT because you WANT TO. That's awesome! Too many people just wear "what's in style" because they want to fit in... It's awesome to see a blogger step out of that comfort zone (for more people it's a comfort zone) and wear WHATEVER YOU WANT. And it totally works for you because your outfits are SOOO freaking cute! And I wish I could pull most of them off! :( (But maybe *I* just need to step out of my comfort zone? HA!)

    I have a pair of turquoise tights just like yours from Target :)

  9. I like to dress up and look nice, and my husband prefers the casual look. Anytime I just throw on jeans and a t-shirt he oohs and aahs at me all day. And when I wear lipstick, he likes that too, since I never wear it. But for the most part, my hubby doesn't mind what I wear:) I like the belt with the dress, very cute:)

  10. That has to be one of the cutest outfits I've ever seen! :)

  11. This dress is darling I love the fit and all the polka dots. My hubby doesn't really care what I wear. Sometimes he laughs at my taste in crazy shoes or "grandma couch" patterns but he's never complained about what I wear so I just wear what I want.

  12. I love that dress :) It looks great on you! [For the record: I like the colour pop the tights provide too.]

    I think it's nice that you'll dress for your husband, but that he obviously accepts he can't have it like that all the time! I've never really had any clothing restrictions placed on me but if a partner says he likes something I make a mental note and try and incorporate it more often.

  13. I try to look at least vaguely cute for my hubby! It's hard to take him shopping with me though... he's color blind, and always seems to pick something in a color (like mustard!) that looks HORRIBLE on me, but he can't tell! So I buy it, and hide it in the back of the closet... and occasionally he pulls it out and asks "why don't you ever wear this one?" Someday, years later, I am brave enough to get rid of it. :)

  14. You are so cute and this is such a fun look!

    My husband has zero fashion sense... he'll be the first to admit it. He'll often look at what I'm wearing and wonder if it even matches or if I'm dressing up for a special day at school. =) But when we're just hanging out, he likes me best in jeans and a t-shirt, so that's what I wear. I mean, we should try to make our guys happy every once in a while, right? ;)

  15. Haha, my husband helps dress me sometimes and I must say I think he can do a better job accessorizing me than I do myself :) He likes most of my clothes. The thing that we disagree about is my hair. He likes it up. I feel like a slob when its up. I like it down a blow-dried. The good thing is up is easier :) Your dress is adorable by the way and when its freezing outside you NEED something on your to be practical. Sorry Angel.

  16. Oh I love polkadots! And those tights are great!

    Just love // kelly

  17. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH You look amazing! What a great choice!!!!!!!!! so happy :))

  18. I've written something similar on my blog, but I don't have the link off hand. In short, my new husband pretty much approves of everything I wear. However, he has been bold enough to tell me that he wasn't a fan of a certain granny vintage dress I bought, but I wore it anyway! hehehe

    More Modern Modesty

  19. I love all the color this outfit has! I host a style link party every Monday and would love for you to join!

  20. Ohmygoodness. Being married now, this post just made me giggle. Yes, Husband definitely has an influence in what I wear. Before we were married I was on another skirts-only strike. After two months of marriage I was asked to work somewhere that require pants, and so I pulled my jeans out. Husband loves my skirts, but when he saw me in jeans he just about swooned. So, jeans are back. Only occasionally, though. A girl has to stick to her dressing standards, at least mostly, even still. But, goodness, if Husband makes any special comments about anything that I wear? You had better believe that I wear it more often! Like my "our first date" outfit. He absolutely adores that one. ;) :D