13 March 2013

A "Male Nurse"

I, for one, would argue that the term is a misnomer. Or that there should be no such term. After all, if one were to say "female doctor," my guess is that most people would think OB/GYN, not that you meant a doctor who was a woman.

There's no denying that the vast majority of nurses are women. In Angel's graduating class, there were about 55 girls and 5 guys. There's a reason that their class t-shirt showed one little stick figure man in thie middle of 10 or 15 little stick figure women. It was an awesome t-shirt.

 This "muscle picture" was the best shot I could get of him after 12 hours at work.

Still, I find it somewhat hilarious that, almost invariably, when I mention that my husband is a nurse, the person I am talking to will say something to the effect of: "Oh, I was in the hospital for pnemonia two years ago, and I had a male nurse there, and he was wonderful!"

Seriously, I cannot tell you the number of stories I've been told about the wonders of the male nurses who people have come across during some medical circumstance or another. It does not surprise me that so many people have been cared for by wonderful male nurses. I'm pretty sure my wonderful husband has taken care of a good number of people himself. I would just like to note here that I personally do not refer to my husband as a "male nurse," just as a nurse, but, intriguingly, it's always male nurses who people feel the need to tell me about, not just nurses in general. No one ever tells me about their aunt or daughter who is a nurse when I tell them that my husband is a nurse.

I just love these interesting little quirks of humanity! And for the record, if Angel were to tell anybody he met that his wife was a blogger, they would probably also say something about a wonderful blogger that they knew once upon a time. Or not. I'm not sure if anyone really knows bloggers. We're an elusive group. I'm also not entirely sure if Angel tells people that's what I do. 

And what does your husband do? Oh, he's a balloon animal artist? That's wonderful. You know, I met a balloon animal artist a few years back at the county fair...
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Mrs. Bennett Has Class said...

It still surprises me how some professions have not balanced out yet. Although there are a lot of male teachers in upper grades, it is rare to find them working with younger children. And so many young children could use a good, male role model these days. Good for Angel, to simply be doing the work he wants to be doing as a nurse. Perhaps more men will be apt to join in. We need a diverse perspective in all fields. :)

Moonofsilver said...

I have never met a male nurse. Actually, I can't fathom why anyone would WANT to be a nurse and be around sick people all the time, but I do know that someone has to do it, so I'm glad your husband enjoys it. He seems like a really interesting man, I'm glad he has you to come home to after 12 hours of work. When my husband works 12 hours he can be very tired.

I even know few male bloggers, and that's even more rare.

Angi said...

Haha, that is hilarious. I've always wondered why people refer to them as "male nurses." My husband is an operations manager at a credit union...I don't refer to him as a "male operations manager" even though the one before him was a woman...I'm a billing specialist, nobody refers to me as a "female billing specialist..."

Oh, people are funny.

Anonymous said...

My hubby is a "Murse" as well. ;) He's wonderful at his job!!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I loved all the guys that were in my nursing class! I get two different types of reactions when I tell people what my husband does and they are both way off! haha!

Chelsea Melrose said...

My hubby is waiting for "mursing" clinicals, as I call it. He's still toying around with possibly going to med school but I quickly see him becoming more and more sick of school.

Anna said...

I used to work on Telemetry where we had 2 male nurses. Now I work in the Cardiovascular ICU and there's 5. :) I've noticed males tend to gravitate towards the more critical care areas. But I tell you what, it's awesome having those guys around! It comes in handy when you have to quickly lift an unconscious patient out of their chair and into bed for a little CPR. :)