05 March 2013

An Ode to Our Camera's Self Timer

What did couples do before cameras had self-timers?

I'm not sure when the self timer was invented, but whoever invented it deserves a huge thank-you from every photographer who has been able to be photographed thanks to a self-timer and a tripod. Or a random ledge to stick the camera on.

There's a running joke in our family that hardly any pictures of my dad exist because he was always the one taking the pictures. I guess we should have been using the self-timer feature a little more.
If it weren't for the self-timer, there would be far fewer pictures of Angel and I together. After all, there's only two of us. When we're out and about, there are no family members to act as photographers for us, and there's only so many pictures you can take from an arm's length away. We don't have a tripod, but we've found quite a few horizontal or semi-horizontal surfaces that have come in handy for the pursuit of couples' pictures!

 Heehee. I take staying warm in the winter very seriously. Looking cute is not important when it comes to risking frostbite.

Thank you, self-timer, for helping us capture memories that we never would have been able to capture without your help. The pictures you provide us with may not be cropped as well or focused as well as they would have been had there been a real human being on the other side of the camera, but in a pinch, you'll do.

If you're interested in more appreciation of the self-timing function of today's digital cameras, you could also check out Veronica's blog. Their timer shots seem to look way better than ours, though. Maybe it's because they don't try to balance their camera on top of their car all the time. Oh well! :)

 photo TRWORsig_zps564b92a0.jpg


  1. I would be lost without self-timer! Especially when I'm on my little solo adventures and want more than just an arm length shot.

    Actually, there would also be a lot less photos of myself and my BFF/sister if it wasn't for the camera positioned on dustbins and window ledges and random walls...

  2. this is adorable!! I love the last one. It must get really cold here! (I live in VA, so it never gets below 20 degrees during the day, really) I use a self timer for most things, because my husband has not learned how to take pictures yet, and he is usually busy and I can get the pictures done faster without his attempt to "help" :P

  3. Using the car for self timer shots is almost always a must, right? haha LOVE THESE! I don't know what we'd do without timer shots either!

  4. Why do I never think of using the self timer? We always do the arms length away ones. These pictures are cute and will be my reminder to use the timer more often!

  5. We need to use our self timer more...I finally bought a little remote, too, which is even better than a self timer! (You should check into them - mine was like $9 on Amazon and it works like a charm!) We just never think to use we have a TON of arms-length pictures.

  6. Yay self timer! Second best option to getting someone to take a picture of us! :-)

  7. I love the self timer! Especially if you are out somewhere and there aren't really people around to take your picture and the arms length just doesn't show it all. You can always crop things out, too :) If you want a little tripod, the gorilla pod is AMAZING! It bends and twists so you can have it wrap around anything or sit anywhere. It's also pretty small and light. We love it :)

  8. I love the car idea! Self-timers, and tripods, really are life-savers. Cute, cute pictures. :)