21 March 2013

Angel-isms, Part 3

 I sincerely hope Angel never stops being himself, if for no other reason than so that I always have blog posts to share with you guys.

The 28 year old versus the 6 year old:
Angel: Hey Shawn, let me play with your truck.
Shawn: Umm, no.
Angel: Why not?
Shawn: Dad already crashed it before. And this is a very special truck. I just got it for Christmas and I don't think you really know how to be careful with it.
Angel: Fine then. My Xbox is a very special toy that I got for Christmas and I don't really think you know how to be careful with it either, so I guess you just won't play it next time you're at my house.
Shawn: Hey Angel, you can play with my truck. Just be really careful and don't crash it.

At the shoe store, Angel is perplexed by what he thinks is an extremely ugly shoe:
Angel: Excuse me, but has anyone bought this shoe?
Saleslady: No, not at this store, as far as I know.
Angel: Who the heck would buy this kind of shoe?
Saleslady: Well, they are very popular on the East and West coasts, but I don't think they've caught on here in the Midwest yet. 

Paying for a purchase at Things Remembered
Angel: *hands the sales lady two dollars* And this is for you.
Sales Lady: Umm, no, we don't take tips here. But we do take thank-yous!
Angel: Really? No tips? Well thank you very much then!
*walking outside the store*
Rachel: What made you think that you're supposed to give a tip?
Angel: She was doing artistic work, she did the engraving! I think that deserves a tip!

A conversation about Angel's clinical assignment
Rachel: So you have to conduct interviews with patients who have diabetes? How are you going to convince them to talk to you and answer your questions?
Angel: Well I was thinking of bribing them, but what can I bribe them with? At first I was thinking candy, but they have diabetes... 

Seriously though, does anyone else besides Angel understand the reasoning behind tipping a Things Remembered salesperson? I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I never would have thought of that!

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Anonymous said...

I never would have thought to tip someone at Things Remembered, but I guess it makes sense since they're providing an extra service.

I love that he compared a 6-year-old's truck to his Xbox! Smart man!

Steph said...

I would have never thought to tip them either. I guess it makes sense though!

Katie said...

I used to work at Things Remembered, no one ever attempted to tip me. I would have greatly appreciated the gesture, though. As far as the "artistic" aspect up it, we just tell a computer what to do. A 5th grader could do it.... maybe even better than some of the people we hired...

Judy Bisaya said...

Hi Rachel,
What a witty conversation! :D
Found you at Almost Friday Thursday Hop. I am your new follower in Twitter, pinterest, GFC, bloglovin and added you to my Feedly.

If you have the chance, please join us at Linkin with my Ladies Blog Hop/ going on right now. I hope to see you there.


Unknown said...

I like his logic. And I like that he disliked the shoe enough to ask the saleswoman about it. haha.

Moonofsilver said...

hahaha! bribe them with candy LOL

Angi said...

HA - you guys are going to make such great parents someday. ;)

Now I want to know what kind of shoe it was, since I live on the West Coast...

Anonymous said...

So funny! Love the story about the candy bribe!

Katie said...

these are funny!! it's nice you have them written down!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! It'll be fun to look at these in the future and just smile.

ArtWithAnAttitude said...

Adorable! I recently found your blog through another blog I read and look forward to reading many more!

Anna said...

ha. we have to do diabetes screening forms with our patients and they ARE basically grilling interviews. :) we could bribe them with those disgusting sugar free candies?