25 March 2013

Dress Well to Test Well

 Angel!! Why oh why do you make me pose in the liquor aisle???
I’ve always been a big believer in “Dress well, Test well.” After all, I’m happier when I love the clothes I’m wearing, so if I wear a lovely outfit on exam day, I’ll be happier about taking my exams. 

So, when exam week came around at the end of every semester in college, you would typically find me in dresses and heels. Some of my classmates might be pulling all-nighters and showing up to tests in their pajamas, but I was convinced that I tested better on a full night of sleep and while wearing my Sunday best.

Since I’m no longer in college, exam week is no longer a part of my life. However, I continue to carry the “Dress well, Test well” idea with me, though I may apply it in a slightly unusual way. You see, I view going to the dentist and the doctor as equivalent to tests. After all, aren’t those visits called exams? And man, do I know how to ace those exams! It’s very rare that anyone can even convince me to go to the doctor in the first place, but once I’m there….well, I don’t mean to brag, but I know all the right answers for that entire three page health history form that they make you fill out.

Angel was slightly horrified the first time he took me to the doctor and he let me fill out my own health history form.  As he looked it over, he pointed out, “Rachel, you checked NO for chronic pain. The reason we’re here is because of chronic pain.”

You see, I view choosing all of the right answers on the intake form as more important than actually telling the truth on the intake form. And of course, the right answers are the ones that make you appear the most healthy.

Angel disagrees with me on that, but whatever. 

This week, I had to go to the dentist, so of course I dressed up for the occasion. This tradition of dressing up is one I love. Just like final exams, I dread attending doctor and dentist appointments, but being dressed up helps me feel a little happier about the day. I would have worn my red high heels with this outfit, and then I would have felt even more awesome, but cowboy boots were more appropriate for the steadily accumulating snow.

And you know what? I aced the test. The dentist told me I had awesome teeth. Must have been the Shabby Apple dress. Do you practice any form of "Dress well, Test well"? If not, give it a try. If you don't expect to have a great day due to an annoying meeting or some other challenge that you really don't feel like facing--put on your very favorite outfit. It might help, just a little.

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  1. this made me giggle! hah hah! I understand about the dressing well :P I probably don't test as well as you, because I'm so absent minded. I love that dress on you! and the liquor isle is just so ironic--what an odd/funny place to take pictures, given your stance on drinking! lol! and I wonder what your husband was thinking when you checked no for chronic pain. hah. Hugs!!!!

  2. I love this! You rum me over! Okay sorry I am really not punny at all...

  3. I do this all the time! I always dress up when something is going to be particularly dreadful. It makes everything a lot better!

  4. I completely agree! But do I practice it? No. I need to work on that. I was probably one of those kids wearing sweats on test days.

  5. That dress is gorgeous! Everything Shabby Apple makes is! So pretty girl. I love that you dress up to go to the doctor or dentist :) sounds like fun to me!

  6. I love your attitude about dressing! For me, I believe my "test" is just everyday life. Going to the market, I'm liable to run into my boss's wife or someone else I'd prefer not have see me in sweats. How do I want to be perceived? Best foot forward ALWAYS, I say! And such an adorable outfit!!! ~Sarah of Sarah Hulbert Style

  7. This was really cute to read! In high school we had a teacher who thought the same way if you dressed up when taking his exams he would extra points and boy did I ever need those points for American Government lol.

    You look great as well I love your theory!!

  8. Very cute! And good for you on acing that test and feeling good about yourself. :)

  9. I thought the test was going to be you blood alcohol level! It is a very sound theory I think! And you passed the dress test too!

  10. Visiting from WIWW...Love this outfit! I love stylin' my cowboy boots with dresses too! Great outfit!