04 March 2013

High Heels and the Color of the Year: Turquoise

High Heels.
They've earned a very respected role in modern day fashion. I often hear women say that they feel more confident or feminine when they wear heels, that they love the extra bit of height they can achieve with heels, or that they covet every new pair they see on their favorite shoe store websites.
I don't  have any of these feelings towards high heels. They're really just not my thing. I don't know if my feet are shaped differently from other people's or if I just have a lower pain tolerance than most women, but I can hardly stand to wear heels, ever. I mean, I realize that there are some occasions for which heeled pumps are really the only appropriate footwear, so I do own these brown pumps as well as a pair of red ones, but if you look closely at the shoe, you'll note that these would barely be considered heels to true veterans of heel-wearing. Plus, I typically only wear pumps when I won't be required to do much walking; i.e. to the movie theater or to church. I wore these to church and then to the grocery store afterwards and my feet were revolting against the rest of my body by the time I got home.

So, I'm not a heel wearer. I'm not particularly attracted to the idea of appearing taller than I am, partially because the man that I love most is a scant inch taller than I am. That inch is most visible when I'm wearing the flattest of shoes. Besides, heels are just plain uncomfortable. I consider my aversion to heels an advantage, because it both simplifies my shoe shopping experience (I can skip right past the entire section of high-heeled shoes) and puts less pressure on Angel's clothing budget.

In other relevant info, I am the best wife ever because when I want roses, and we're at the grocery store, I tell Angel to please buy me some roses while we're out instead of quietly waiting for my husband to magically develop romantic inclinations and then pouting when he didn't buy me flowers. Communication is key to marriage, people.

Also, earlier this year, I heard a whole bunch of fuss about Pantone (whatever that is) picking out a color for each year. I thought that was a cool idea. So I've decided that this year is the year of turquoise, in honor of my tights. Last year was the year of fuchsia, in honor of my previous most favorite pair of tights and the fuchsia hair I had for a month or so. I think that from now on, for the rest of my life, I will choose a color of the year based on the color of my newest and most favorite pair of tights at the moment. A very fair system, don't you agree?

What do you think of high heels? Are you for them or against them?


Also, Angi won the Shabby Apple giveaway. 

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  1. I like the way they look, but I can hardly walk in them, much less carry a kid around in them!! And, like you, my husband isn't THAT much taller than me, and I feel like I'm towering over him if I wear heels (even when I'm not!)

    I love that when you want roses, you just tell him. Communication IS key! haha

  2. I love the way heels look and what they do for my short legs, but I can only wear smaller heels and for short periods of time. I am okay with wearing boots that have higher heels. I don't know why but they don't bother me as much. I *wish* I were able to wear the heels I see lots of fashion bloggers rocking. Usually I end up taking a second pair of shoes with me if I plan on wearing heels. That way I can change out of them when the pain is too intense. I have no idea how these other people walk in them all day.

  3. I used to love heels, but I've hardly worn them since I've been home, and reunited with my heel collection. A lot of heels suck, but you gotta find the brand that just fits well, and is comfortable, and be willing to pay more to have a nice pair of heels. I own the greatest pair of steve madden heels that were like $70, but they fit perfect and they don't hurt, and I can actually walk in them.

  4. I hate heals. I wear only flats and boots, never heals! I do own a pair of wedges that I occasionally wear to church as well as a pair of stilettos that I have, uh, never worn out of my bedroom

    I love your tights. I just bought a pair of purple ones (very light, awesome purple) and must admit to being inspired by your colorful tights (probably why I bought them)

    sadly, I haven't figured out how to wear them yet, but I'm sure I will soon

  5. I love heels, but I'm really particular about the way they feel. If they're not comfortable, I won't wear them. Flats are more my thing these days though. I'm into comfort lately.

    YAY for winning!!! I've never won a blog giveaway before!

  6. This outfit is adorable too! Love the pop of color in your tights!!

  7. Stopping by from Mingle Monday...LOVE colored tights and leggings! Those are super cute! Colored ones just add so much to an outfit. Super cute!

  8. It's a never ending argument over our height. My husband swears he's super taller then me when I claim he's only an inch taller. With that I adore heels. But with our height being so close I only wear them when we go out on a date night. Other then that flip flops or sneakers. If I'm going out with girls or when I used to work in an office feels were a fair game for me. Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)

  9. I do love the look of high heels but I find them very uncomfortable! And since I'm tall enough I don't feel the need to wear them often. But when I do buy heels I try on a bunch to find the most comfortable and usually end up adding insoles! I also find that heels are much more comfortable if you buy leather ones. The leather eventually stretches to your foot and gets soft :-) I think your heels are really cute!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  10. As we established before, I am a fan of heels. The bigger the better! I do not, however, wear them everyday and tend to save them for 'special' outings. Although I should probably wear them more just in case I find a short soulmate...but you're far more likely to find me in trainers than you are a fancy shoe.

  11. very very cute outfit girl!! loving the tights!!

  12. I love it !!!!!! :)
    Come and visit me on: :) maybe we can follow each other :)!

  13. I love heels! I didn't always but I definitely do now. It works great since my hubby is so freakishly tall that he still has like 6 inches on me when I wear my highest heels. They're not for everyone though and flats can be just as fun :) im an equal lover of all shoes..
    Anyway, you look so sweet in this! I love the denim top with the dressier skirt and I think I have those tights! Love em!

  14. Can't do heels--I keep trying, and I'm frequently tripping in them or doing that weird shuffle walk that screams "I DO NOT USUALLY WEAR SHOES OF THIS CALIBER!"
    I can do turquoise though. Turquoise is a winner all the time. ;]

  15. Amen, sister. Heels are brutally uncomfortable. I have no idea how women walk and dance and whatever in them. Whenever I want to wear heels, I wear wedges. Same effect, much more comfortable :)

  16. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. For years, I tried to wear heels, But I'd buy them and they'd sit in my closet unworn. About 3 years ago, I gave them ALL away. But over the past 6 months or so, I've been dipping my feet back in heels slowly. Some are definitely more comfy than others, and my feet just don't like most of them. Give me a pair of flats any day.

    Found you via What I Wore Wednesday

  17. I'm the same way about heels. I have several pairs for certain occasions, but mostly I wear flats (ballets, sandals). I will say I've noticed it's much less painful to wear heeled boots than just heeled pumps, even if it still has a significant heel. No idea why this is!

    Love the tights. :)

  18. I seriously love those tights - great colour!

  19. I used to love high-heels, then I hates them, then loves them, and now I'm leaning toward disliking them again. I mostly wear them for the cuteness factor - not the height, surprisingly. But now that I'm married, and hoping to be carrying our first child in the near future, I would rather wear flats.

    Love your communication skills. ;) I haven't asked for roses as of yet, but Husband has bought them for me when I was right there with him. Twice! { gasp }

    I agree that you should choose your color of the year, and not that Pantone.