18 March 2013

How to Not be Mistaken for a Boy

I'm well aware that I've been blessed with the type of figure that does not immediately advertise the fact that I am a girl. That, combined with my frequent preference for short, messy curls over a more traditional long haircut has more than once put me in a situation in which I was asked, "Are you a boy or a girl?"
Me, before I took my own advice.
After looking at that picture, can you really blame them? Sorry about the odd turns out that for some strange reason I don't have many pictures from that time period of my life. 
I've gained a pound or two since then, but besides that, neither my figure nor my random desires to chop off my  hair have changed. Still, it's been years since the last time someone inquired as to my gender, and I believe it's because I've gotten a little better at working with what I've got. Here are my tricks:
1. Dresses!! In the picture above, I fall victim to 3 classic blunders, guaranteed to turn any skinny girl into a person of indeterminate gender. 1) Baggy, unisex T-shirt. 2) Khaki cargo pants. 3) Athletic shoes. One of the three is a bad idea, but all three together? Death. Today, I'm much more likely to be found in brightly colored dresses.
2. Dangly Earrings. Sure, lots of guys have their ears pierced, but I've never seen a guy wearing dangling stars, butterflies, paperclips, bumblebees, or apples from their ears.
3. Lipstick. I'm not a makeup girl at all. I've got my Dad's nose and my eyelashes are shorter than my husband's. But there's one feature I have that is unmistakeably womanly, and those are my lips, so I emphasize them.      
4. Hair. Just because you're hair is too short to put it in an updo or braid it doesn't mean it has to be boring. These days, I hardly go anywhere without clipping in a bow or a flower clip. It's a win-win situation: I don't have to do my hair, and I still look like a girl! 
Me, taking my own advice. Note the flower, apple, and lipstick.
 Am I the only one who's ever been asked "Are you a boy or a girl?" Tell me I'm not alone!
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  1. You're not alone. I'm pretty much the same build as you, although I have long hair, and just can't wear baggy tops..I look like a boy lol. Well fitted clothes and pretty scarves work for me ;) x

  2. what a cute post. I've never been asked this, but my sister, the tom boy, was a lot. Hugs! I've never thought you've ever looked the least bit manly!

  3. Perfume. And a fabulous purse.

  4. That is one question I've never been asked. However, I've been asked that about both of my daughters when they were younger - even when they were all dolled up in head to toe pink!

  5. You're definitely not alone! When I was about 8 I cut my hair SUPER short. I kept it that way for about 2 years and then people started asking my mom where her son was. Yep. It was my tomboy phase so I didn't mind at the time.

  6. My sister was a pretty big tomboy for a while and got asked a few times as a kid but I think you definitely look like a girl! I was surprised by this. This was fun to read though :) I love the way you write, you always make me laugh.

  7. I've never been asked this, but for quite a while I've been "blessed" with certain features that only girls have. :) Sometimes I would have rather had the opposite problem. When I was a young teenager being curvy was so embarrassing. I was a lot smaller than I am now, but I wore large tshirts so that they didn't cling at all. Oh the joys of puberty....

  8. You are so cute! I have never been asked that but I do have long hair and my figure is very womanly; i.e lots of curves and big boobs lol. I love dresses, lipstick, dangly earrings, all of it! You look beautiful!

  9. I'm about as girly as they come, so never happened to me. But I find your short hair refreshing and all you have to do is put a clip in :/ Maybe I'll do the opposite of girly and boy it up a little;)

  10. I've never been asked if I was boy; however, I have been asked "when are you due?" when I wasn't pregnant and I was at my "best fit" stage in my life - does it help that the man was drunk when he asked?
    Anyways, love your tips though - I seriously laughed out loud (aka LOL) when I saw your title :)