11 March 2013

What I Won't Wear

 I will most certainly wear a butterfly-bedecked dress to a butterfly garden. I'm cheesy like that.

A girl's got to have some standards.
I won't wear any swimsuit other than a tankini. I would feel way too nervous in a bikini and when I was a kid, one piece swimsuits never fit the length of my torso correctly, so that scarred me from ever trying one on again.

I won't wear shorts unless I'm gardening, riding my bike, or at an amusement park. Generally, I'll only wear shorts when nobody can see me or when I completely don't care what I look like and it's insanely hot at the same time.

I won't wear extremely high heels. But I already talked about that.

I won't wear "yoga pants." But I already talked about that too.

I won't wear Dansko's. As much as the shoe store lady tries to tell me that Dansko's are perfect for professionals who work on their feet all day.

I won't wear peplums because I don't really want my hips to appear wider than they already are. I already accidentally bump them into things far too often, people.

I won't wear a corset to school. Like one of my classmates did some weeks ago. Of course, I don't think I'd wear a corset at all--didn't women seek freedom and rights for a reason? I enjoy my right to breathe.

I won't wear anything in the color mustard or orange, because I don't like those colors.

I won't wear a dress with holes cut into the back of it.

I won't wear cardigans, and I won't wear vests either. Except maybe if there was such thing as a black leather vest with chains on it...I might wear that.

I won't wear Uggs. With that kind of money, I could get pretty shoes! I won't wear sweatshirts of any kind for any reason. Unless they were free and Angel turns the heat down to 58 degrees at night...then I'll sleep in a sweatshirt, but that's the only possible situation.

I won't wear a scarf unless it's cold. I really don't like them very much, but I admit that they are helpful when it comes to warmth.

Basically, I'm a stubborn person who won't wear anything that I don't happen to like, whether it's in style or not. And that's probably why I can wear the same clothes for years and years.
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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love cardigans. they are a staple of my wardrobe. but i do agree with most of your list. i can't wear heals because i am SO clumsy. plus, peppy is the same height as me and i don't want to tower over him.

i remember begging my mom to let me get a bikini when i was 12. all my friends wore them, but my parents always said no. finally my mom said yes, i guess maybe just to get me to shut up. i was so happy. we went to a water park and the first slide that i went down made my top roll up to my neck, exposing my prepubescent chest. i was mortified.

Moonofsilver said...

I will say I wore a bikini on my honeymoon. My husband was very happy :P I don't think they are modest (I did go though a thing in my 23rd year where I wore one but only the top. never the bottoms--I wore shorts, but I will say I was just doing it to make my mom mad--great reason, eh?)

I own like, 23 cardigans. All in different colors. True story.

Steph said...

I won't wear Uggs either. And I would never ever wear peplums.

But I have to say sweatshirts, yoga pants, and scarves are staples in my wardrobe. :)

Angi said...

I won't wear peplum either. Or Danskos, because they're hideous. I won't wear one-piece bathing suits because they make my thighs look fat. I won't wear sweatpants/yoga pants in public, because it's lazy. That's all I can think of off the top of my head..haha.

Jessi said...

Haha I love that you wore a butterfly dress to a butterfly pavilion! Totally something I'd do :)
I love peplums but sadly have the same issue (although what are you talking about? You're a twig girl!) I hate hate hate uggs and yoga pants and both of them together. Yuck! I do love cardigans! I have way too many...
Other things I won't wear: flip flops, tennis shoes, tank tops over t-shirts, sweatshirts, leopard, the color red (although there are exceptions)...I'm sure theres a whole lot more but i can't think of them all at the moment.

Jessi said...

Ha! I don't usually wear one piece suits for that same exact reason!

Unknown said...

It must be warm where you love. How can you survive the winter without wearing cardigans, sweatshirts, or scarves? All of those are staples during the endless cold winter here. I'm not normally into peplum, but I did try on a shirt the other day and kind of really loved it. I was surprised. Corsets to school? Are those coming back? I hope not. Uggs? I like to call them Fuggs. They're horrible.

Moonofsilver said...

OH! I wanted to tell you. I told my husband about yours and Angel's Icebreaker Questions and he decided to try it when we had a friend stay over last weekend

His first one

"Have you ever noticed how all roads are connected? Isn't that weird?"
Me.....UHhhhHhHH Dear?
Carrie: *laughing so hard is spilling drink everywhere*
Husband: Well, its odd!

April said...

Is that the butterfly garden in Denver?? I can't tell... Then again, you don't live in Denver (I don't think...) so probably not. :) I must admit to wearing Uggs,but they're cheap knockoffs. They're ugly as all get out, but awesome for throwing something on in winter that doesn't require laces (or socks, really) when taking beasties outside, running errands, and shuttling a kid to school! I don't wear shorts either, I hate my legs. And capris make me feel like an old lady. :)

Natasha Atkerson said...

Great post! I don't wear high heels either-just never liked them on my feet! I like the way they look on other people, just not on my feet! :)
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Unknown said...

I like my Danskos. I know Angi hates them too, but they are comfy and the soles are big enough that I don't need to get my pants hemmed. Preplum is hideous.

Kristin said...

I think that anyone who works at a shoe store (what KIND of shoe store?) and pushes Danskos on another unsuspecting human being needs to be re-evaluated in their position.

Just a personal opinion :)

I wear my fake Uggs to the grocery store and the gym (mostly just the gym) but would never spend money on real Uggs because you could buy a lot of other stuff with $200.

Rachel Kaylynn said...

cute dress. and funny post I enjoyed your "won't wear list". i'm in agreement on some things: extremely high heels. I however am ashamed to admit how often i wear others: yoga pants

maria said...

And you call yourself a blogger? The shame!!! :) haha!

Awesome list, I like stubborn people :)

found you via the Pleated Poppy

Amanda G. said...

I don't wear peplums, either - they definitely make my hips look bigger. Not flattering. I don't wear super high heels either. I don't even know what Danskos are.

However, I have to disagree on mustard colored things and cardigans. I'm kind of addicted to both.

And I love the print on your dress!

Unknown said...

I love your dress!!!! Love the print and it looks great on you! And yoga pants are for yoga... so I only wear them for yoga or sleeping lol.


Olivia Lovejoy said...

i love your outfit. your list made me wonder if there's anything I won't wear. i guess the only thing is real fur from critters. anything else, who knows? i'm not dead yet. :-)

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Totally love this post and I laughed at some of your comments too! I totally agree with the peplums (mainly because I have big hips!) And seriously, someone actually wore a corset to school?? Umm... I would never wear one ever... anywhere! (glad you wouldn't either. But, i'm still boggled that someone went out in public wearing one!) I also agree with the Uggs and dress with holes...

I don't wear anything that shows my shoulders (mainly because i'm not a fan of my arms and always just feel soo awkward and exposed.) Now what I don't agree with in your list is the cardigans (hey, i'm a teacher, cut me some slack!) But hey, to each their own, right!!!!? :) Haha!

Unknown said...

That's quite the list of "wont's". I am happy to see your great sense of style with what you will wear. Love your butterfly dress.

Anonymous said...

HEHE so funny to read! We all have the "I won't wear list"