26 March 2013

What We Eat

Our Grocery List:
{Is often written at least 50% in Spanish, just so I get a little extra practice}
Romaine Lettuce or Spinach {Must be organic, per Angel's decree}
Mandarin Oranges
Baby Bok Choy {My favorite veggie. But it's hard to find around here!}
Potatoes {must come in a brown paper bag, because Angel said so}
Berries, if on sale {organic, for the same reason as above} 
Tortilla Chips
Frozen Chicken Breasts
Frozen Wild-Caught Salmon
Canned Solid White Albacore
Whole wheat Spaghetti
Tortillas--corn tortillas for tacos, flour tortillas for quesadillas
Maple Syrup Ham from the deli {I think it tastes really bad, but Angel eats it on his tostadas}
Pinto Beans
Canned Cream of Chicken Soup
Apple Pie {but not from the grocery store, from a local restaurant. Angel typically buys a pie and eats it all by  himself over the course of a week}
 Salted Butter
Canola Oil
Grape Nuts {Currently the  only cereal I will eat. For years previously, it was off-brand Wheat Chex}
2% Milk
Large Eggs
Frozen Vegetables {In 'steamable' packages, Angel eats them for lunches at work}
Yogurt--sometimes Greek, sometimes not.
Whole wheat bagels.
Frozen Hashbrowns {hey, where I'm from, there's no such luxury as already chopped up potatoes so I sure appreciate them now!)
Popcorn kernels for the air-popper
Basmati Rice
Coarse-Ground Black Pepper
M&M cookies from the bakery

*The picture of our fridge above was taken the day after a grocery shopping trip, so that's what it looks like when it's full. Angel and I try to go two weeks or occasionally more between grocery shopping trips, because it's not the most fun thing to do in the world, so more often than not, our fridge looks, "Nice and clean and empty," or at least that's how I describe it. When it's getting close to shopping day, I start planning meals like....popcorn....or, au-gratin potatoes made with yogurt instead of milk because we don't have any milk....or fried rice. Fried rice is an awesome end-of-your rope meal because you can pretty much put anything in it, and we buy our rice in 20 lb. bags so we're never out!

Any other good foods you think we should try? It's always nice to add a little variety, especially with different fruits and veggies. Our selection is fairly limited here--I have to go to different grocery stores even to buy baby bok choy or jicama and guava. 
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Moonofsilver said...

what is a Bok Choy? thats the silliest thing ever!

Also, I plan meals one week out and go on monday or tuesday usually. My husband will go out to eat if we have no food (something I frown upon--Wendys and Taco bell are not good for you!) so I try to keep some snacks around :)

Julia P F said...

Wow that's a clean fridge! We go to the store at least three times a week and we go to three different places...

Kristin said...

I agree with Carolynn ^^ If I don't keep food around, he'll go out to eat and that drives me nuts!

I rarely do one big trip anymore. Lately, there's a commissary list, a Costco list, a regular list, and when I get there, we get the stuff on the list. I meal-plan around when I can get to the store.

I wish I could give you all of our salmon! We have so much in the freezer and we're moving!

Unknown said...

We got 2 weeks inbetween shoppings too. Oh man I hate bok choy so so so much. They always put that and other random leafy veggies cooked in fish sauce in meals in cambodia and I just hate it. I really liked seeing your shopping list though. We've started getting all of our produce at a different store than the rest of our food because their produce is wonderful, and they have crazy sales, otherwise it's too spendy.

Jessi said...

I want to come to your house! Sounds like you eat pretty healthy (and delicious!) I love guava. Now I totally want some haha.
Oh! And don't you love shopping the kid's section? I can usually fit in the girl's XL sometimes L so if they have cute things it's an awesome way to save some money - you're right!

Angi said...

Haha...I'm not usually much help when giving my opinion on grocery lists because ours never includes dairy or's just full of beans, vegetables, rice, quinoa, fruit, spices, bread (if I'm not making it at home)...that's usually the bulk of it!

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

Bok choy is HEAVEN!!!!! Adore it! Greens of all varieties ( esp Asia varieties) are my all time fav.

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Can I just copy and paste your list? This is so healthy and yummy!

Michelle said...

Mmmm bok choy is delicious! I don't know if I've ever seen it for sale around here!

LeiShell said...

I like to buy meals good for the crockpot, then my hubby can take the leftovers for lunch. Some of my faves are chicken noodle soup, spaghetti, ribs, carnitas and many more. All fairly cheap and accessible at the store. On nights when I don't need to cook for an army...I take out a couple frozen meats (sometimes fish, pork or steak) and grill them up, and place them over pre-done salads (only organic for us too) and I buy things like sliced almonds, dried cranberries, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, make a super fast salad with it. And then we usually just do a baked potato or rice as a starch. Hopefully that gave you more ideas. I love bok choy too!