24 April 2013

A Sexy Date Outfit

In early March 2010, I was wandering around J.C. Penney in between classes, and I came across this gloriously purple pair of jeans on the clearance rack. I bought them, despite my college sophomore limited funds, because I knew that we were meant to be together.

A few weeks later, this interesting guy named Angel was taking a trip to Michigan to come and visit me. Obviously, I wanted to dress up in an extra special way to impress him a little--this was the first time he would be seeing me in nearly a year, so I wanted to make sure I looked attractive. He'd already told me he was interested in me, but sometimes guys need just a little encouragement, you know?

I came up with the perfect outfit to wear to meet him on the day he arrived: my extra-special brand new purple jeans, paired with a hot pink mini dress. And Converse. When in doubt, always wear Converse.

(Perhaps now you can see why my family really didn't think I was the kind to catch a man early in life.)

However, he asked me to marry him three months after that, so I guess the purple jeans and the hot pink dress worked.

Now that I'm a few years older and wiser--I know that any outfit involving purple jeans is probably not the correct outfit to wear if I really want to impress my husband with my gorgeousness. I also know which outfits  do a better job of that, but you won't see any pictures of those outfits on this blog. 

Still, you got to give the purple jeans some credit. He did marry me, after all. So, after the whole flood debacle, I told Angel that his reward for performing the heroic duty of emptying shop-vacs every half hour all night long was a date to the restaurant of his choosing. He chose Red Robin, and I wore purple jeans.

'Cause, you know, I've almost succeeded with my master plan of convincing him that the way I dress is really very alluring. 

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

you seriously have the best jeans. i just can't imagine myself looking good in colored jeans, but you look fabulous. and i love the bright shoes too!

melindarose said...

Oh my gosh, all of these colors work so well together! I never would have thought to put them together! Loving the purple jeans and red shoes!

Moonofsilver said...

this is SO CUTE! Hah. My husband hates jeans. Unless I wear a flirty mini skirt over them. So I totally know how you feel! But I love colorful things, and lets be honest, I'm not going to freeze in winter :P tee hee. You should do a post on Angel Fashion, with tips from Angel. Or a post on what Angel wears (like a mens fashion post) I'd be interested.

Alison said...

I LOVE those purple pants. I used to have a pair of tights that were that color. Unfortunately, like most tights, they got a run in them :( I've also never bought a pair of converse. I need to get on that!

Sarah Robbins said...

I love everything about this outfit! The red shoes and the jacket are such great additions.

katie said...

"When in doubt, always wear Converse." TRUE STORY.

Rachael said...

That's a very cute story and speaking of cute... Those jeans are so amazing. You absolutely rock them! And they match your hair so perfectly! How often do you change your hair color?

Angi said...

TOTALLY agree re: the Converse. I finally convinced Isaiah to buy a pair a while back. I think he's worn them a total of 5 times. I, on the other hand, immediately buy another pair as soon as my former pair wear out. I actually have a pretty good streak - I'm only on my 2nd pair in 10 years!

Susannah said...

Haha. I do think those jeans are cute!

Unknown said...

Dang, you were on the colored jean trend before it was even a trend!

Charlotte said...

tee hee, I love the story of the purple jeans! What a great saga. Also, I love that your paired them with (fabulous) red pumps - I don't think I'd have the guts to do that - and the purple in your jeans mirrors the purple streak in your hair.

And I don't know what your family is thinking, because Converse are always the way to go.

Unknown said...

I love your purple jeans!

I agree with you on the Converse tip! My older kids and I used to have matching Converse... however now they are too cool to do anything like that with me anymore.

Chandra said...

ahahaha love it!! The purple pants nabbed him! Goooo, Angel!! You got yourself a lovely woman, my man!

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Jeans and a Teacup said...

Hahaha...awesome story. I definitely think the purple pants helped you get your man!
Jeans and a Teacup