29 April 2013

A Sunday Shopping Adventure

Angel often works on Sundays, which means I get 14 hours of alone time on those days which I must figure out how to occupy. I often do housework or blogging or watch a show that Angel refuses to watch with me (i.e. Say Yes to the Dress), and generally fill my time with stuff that I don't get around to doing when Angel is at home to distract me.

And some Sundays, I have adventures. I'm going to tell you about my Kohl's adventure.

Does Kohl's send these out all over the country? Every so often I get one, and I always make good use of it!

I do know that this is a marketing gimmick meant to get people inside the stores and spending way more than $10, but I think I've developed a pretty good strategy for handling these discounts without being swept away. Every time I get one of these cards, I go to Kohl's and scour the store for the best possible deal--but I  refuse to spend any more than $10 of my own money. I've gotten tights and leggings, hand lotions, t-shirts, pillows, and serving dishes with these cards over the years. It's fun.

Did I mention that I was wearing my happy shoes?

First off, I head to the clothes section. I know, I know, I'm not even buying clothes right now, but it couldn't hurt to look. Short shorts fail to tempt me, and I leave the clothing section without having my resolve shaken.

I go upstairs to the home goods department.

But the shoe department is next to the home goods department. You can tell I'm a shoe girl. If these shoes were free, I would have happily taken all three of them home that same day. They're gorgeous!! And perfect for me. Don't you agree? I just love looking at them.

But Rachel, you aren't buying clothes for yourself right now. And none of these shoes are even close to the $10 price range. Besides, you're wearing some pretty sweet shoes right now, so you're okay.

Here is where I was supposed to be. I had told Angel that I would probably use the $10 to buy a bathroom rug. But bathroom rugs are immensely boring. They are not an exciting thing to spend money on, at all. It's almost as boring as spending money on toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

So I continue through the home department.

Practically all they had in the "home" clearance section was Carrot Cake candles. And no wonder. Carrot cake is yucky, and I don't think it would smell good as a candle, either. No, thank you.

My next idea is to check the kitchen section. I enter, hoping against all odds to find a large non-stick frying pan on sale for like...$11. Is that too much to ask?

You see, I already have a large frying pan, but it's stainless steel. If you've ever tried to fry eggs in a stainless steel, you already know that it doesn't tend to work out too well. It would be so nice to have a big, non-stick frying pan....but pans are expensive. 

The first suitable frying pan I come across is really nice...and it's on sale, for $60. For that much money, I can keep scrubbing burnt egg off of my stainless steel pan. I begin to lose hope, as pan after pan is either way too pricey or way too small to be of any use to me.

Then, I come across this:

A 5 quart non-stick frying pan that was originally $35, on sale for $18. With my $10 card, the $18 price tag means I'll only have to spend $8 of my own money, and I can afford that!

I bought the pan, spending $8 and saving $27. Not too shabby. I took my pan home and made fried rice in it.

*Just in case you might possible construe this as some sort of odd sponsored post, it's not. I don't even particularly like Kohl's. I don't particularly like any store. Not even Target! But if I can get a cheap frying pan, I'll shop wherever I have to to get it.

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Steph said...

What a deal!

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the carrot cake candle. Gross! $8 pan? Score!

Moonofsilver said...

Lo who in marketing suggested a carrot cake candle? Eww. Love your savy shopping! Made me giggle.

Kristina said...

Get a cast iron pan! Once they are seasoned, they are great for making eggs in and you don't have to deal with the toxins in non-stick pans.

Unknown said...

I got one of those in the mail too. I'm hoping I can find a blazer on sale. I kind of do that same rule, spend $10 of my own $. I've gotten some really good stuff for so cheap with those cards.

Sarah said...

Um, I need some happy shoes.. can I have yours? I'd be happy to take them off your hands...or feet lol. I found you via Monday Mingling link up =)

A Girl In Transit

Unknown said...

Ha! I don't get those things in my mail, but that is because I live in a small town, and even though Kohl's (and most other stores) are in the larger city I work in, and most people shop in, they don't mail them to me. Boo on them. But I love your rule!

Suzanne said...

I went to Kohls once (don't have them in Canada) and I saved as much as I spent. It was pretty much awesome. :)

Love your writing!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just got a Kohl's cash card thingy, too! I can't spend it on clothing right now because I am not buying anything new this month, but they have awesome developmental toys there for my kiddos. I think I'll get that. Yay free money!