19 April 2013

Angel Says that New Shoes are my Love Language

 I love this picture, because we're trying to act like all the cool couples do and take a picture of ourselves in the mirror with a big fancy camera. The only problem is, we don't own a big fancy camera. And, as my little brother, the owner of the pictured big fancy camera, would point out, neither of us even know how to use a big fancy camera in the first place.
1. What is your spouse's top 3 favorite desserts? Do you make any of them?

Rachel: His are: Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Pie, and Ice Cream. The only one I make is strawberry shortcake, but man, I make some good shortcake. He buys a pie from a local restaurant almost every week and eats it all by himself because I don't like pie.

Angel: 1. Smoothies, which are the only ones I make in her list. 2. Biggby's Iced Chocolate 3. Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike Bars 

2. What are your spouse's hobbies?

Rachel: I'm his favorite hobby.

Angel: Duh!! Blogging, and with every other kind of "people" like her; sewing, crafts, jewelry, fashion, reading, etc.

3. What is your spouse's love language?

Rachel: Acts of service

Angel: Words of encouragement/endearment and new shoes.

4. What is your spouse's go-to music for the car?

Rachel: Fernando Ortega hymns, random mix cd's that he made when he was a teenager, Spanish songs....he appears to know and like every kind of music. I don't understand.

Angel: Country music.

5. What is one of your spouse's fears?

Rachel: I don't think he is afraid of anything. I know that until after we were officially married he was afraid that I would change my mind and not marry him but he knows he's got me for life, now.

Angel: Bats, box elder bugs, tomato vines, and the dark. {Note: I am only scared of tomato stems when Angel concocts an elaborate plan utilizing my poor eyesight to trick me into thinking that a tomato stem is a spider. And I'm also only scared of the dark when he turns off all the lights in the house and tries to jump out from under some furniture and scare me. And I am only scared of bats when they are in my house. It's all situational.}

6. What is on your spouse's to-do list for the home?

Rachel: As long as I cook dinner I don't think he notices anything else about our house.

Angel: Maybe taking care of the plaster wall that's falling down?  None, really we don't have anything to do around here.  {spoken like a true non-homeowner. But that wall does need to be fixed.}

7. What is your favorite date night activity as a couple?

Rachel: My favorite thing to do is something active, like playing games at the arcade or exploring a cemetery or going to the beach.

Angel:  It would involve the mall, El Arriero (Mexican food), new shoes, the drive in theater, an outdoor concert, and cuddle time.

8. What was your first impression of your spouse?

Rachel: He wasn't very friendly to me like the other people at Bible study were.

Angel: I thought she dressed weird and had odd facial expressions.

9. What is your spouse's dream vacation destination?

Rachel: Angel would pick the Grand Canyon or some mountains out west--or if he were really dreaming, maybe Macchu Picchu or China.

Angel: Rachel wants to go to Disneyworld, China, and Malaysia.

10. What was your favorite part of your wedding? 

Rachel: Getting married. Getting presents. I really think those are the only two benefits of a wedding. I prefer attending other people's weddings.

Angel: Having my parents support me in marrying this wonderful woman.  OOOHhhh....I was proud of Rachel creating a wedding with a small budget.

Moonofsilver said...

Woah you guys are so cute :) what size shoes so you wear? You really like exploring cemeteries? That's really awesome. And creepy. Brian's love language is quality time mine is physical touch hehe :)

Brian always jumps out and scares me. He thinks its so funny. I hate it.

Veronica Lee Burns said...

I love that picture but I love your explanation of the it even more!
haha your answer to 2 is the best! Course his is entertaining too...why "people" ?

oh my goodness Rachel, I sersiously smiled or laughed at every single answer! loved loved loved reading yalls answers. So fun! :)

Hope yall have a terrific weekend!

Unknown said...

haha, I think my love language is getting shoes too. I love reading what you guys put as your first impressions of each other. You guys are hilarious when you do these question posts.

Suzanne said...

So funny. I need to do something like this with my husband. After being married for some 22 years now I really wonder if we would even know the answers for each other.


Mrs. M ~ a.k.a. ~ April said...

What a cute blog entry! Gives me an idea :)

Jessi said...

Haha tomato vines! I love it :) My Hubby trys to hide and jump out and scare me sometimes too. I hate that! And I love that he said your love language is new shoes. Me too, me too...

ArtWithAnAttitude said...

This is such a super cute blog entry and you two are so stinken cute

Bekah Loves Blog said...

You guys are adorable! I love the new shoes answer and the buying of his own pie...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

This is too cute! You guys totally crack me up. His first impression of you makes me giggle (not because I think its true though!). Also, I'm pretty sure shoes are one of my love languages too haha.