23 April 2013

Dreaming of Summer

{Those 'dust specks' or whatever they are from sunlight are real--not edited. I have no idea how that happened with the picture, but I thought they made the pictures look cool. And it's so rare that a picture taken by Angel looks cool, so let me relish that for a moment.}

I'm looking forward to warm weather because:
No more coats to uglify my outfits.
Wearing heels again without worrying about slipping on ice.
Baseball games.
The park.
Wandering through cemeteries.
The Drive-In Theater.
Being able to walk to the mailbox without freezing to death.
Bonfire parties.
Driving with the windows down.
Bike rides.
Eating dinner outdoors.
Graduation from beauty school.

Angel is looking forward to warm weather because:
His wife will no longer have "alien legs" (he prefers the bare-legged look to brightly-colored tights. Weird.)
Strawberry season. 
No more blankets all over  the house.
A much smaller gas bill.
Cheap onions.
Ice-cream stands.

Angel would like to add that he doesn't look forward to lawn mowing.

delirious rhapsody
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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love your alien legs! and your dress is so cute. i'm going to try to send some warm weather your way.

melindarose said...

Hahaha! I like the alien legs! And I'm loving those shoes!

Moonofsilver said...

Love your tights! I'm looking forward to my husband taking some vacation time with me :)

elle said...

I feel like it'd be impossible not to have fun while wearing this outfit. You're so cute! I love the little bow in your hair. (:

"Being able to walk to the mailbox without freezing to death."
Yes. Let's talk about how my mailman hates me because I keep letting my mail pile up.

Unknown said...

My husband is the same way, but I just love tights, and I love that bright colored tights are popular. I'm stocking up to still wear if they go out of style. I love your bright blue tights, and a poka dotted dress, does it get better than that? I submit that it cannot.

Rachael said...

This is my favorite outfit of yours by FAR (and that's saying something because I've really liked all of them!). The bow and the leggings just really kick it up a notch!

Janna Renee said...

I will be so happy to stop slipping on ice and actually get to wear cute shoes!

katie said...

oh man -- bright tights and converse! (that look like they maybe have sequins on them?) here's to spring's rapid arrival to the upper midwest!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the dark denim wash with the light dress- it's perfect!

autumn said...

adorable! And? Your cute hair is giving me the itch to cut mine all off. You look fabulous!

Sarah Robbins said...

I totally love your jacket! It makes the outfit. Super cute.

Susannah said...

I adore that dress!!! It's super adorable!

Claire Justine said...

Yeah for summer, I've been trying my sandals and heels on today :) great outfit love your dress and how you have paired it up with blue tights :)

Charlotte said...

I love your color combinations. You put together such fun outfits!

In summer, I am looking forward to: biking, ice cream, baseball, being warm, 4th of July and lots of sunshine.

Unknown said...

Your dress is so cute! And I love the artistic spots on the pics!

I live in FL, so I'm not looking forward to summer, I'll gladly send you some of our heat.

Unknown said...

I love this outfit! I had outfit envy as soon as I clicked on your page!

Alison said...

I can't WAIT for warm weather. Green grass, parks, and bonfires, yes!

I wish we had a drive-in theater around here. I've always wanted to go to one!

Jessica G. said...

That headband is adorable. And really, your whole outfit is amazing. I love how girly the dress is, the pop of color your tights add and well, you can never go wrong with a jean jacket!

Holly said...

My daughter just said she thinks your "alien legs" are awesome. :) I'm so glad it's finally getting warm too!

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I am right there with you - so ready to ditch these awful coats! Love those bright tights!

Suzanne said...

Angel and my husband are on the same page about the lawn mowing : )


Olivia Lovejoy said...

Cute! I am excited about spring mostly because i can walk more places now and sit in the park. Ah, simple pleasures!

bluehuewonderland said...

Such a cute outfit. Wearing blue tights just gives it an unusual twist! What a beautiful cat too!

blue hue wonderland