20 April 2013

Spring Fashion Week

I've titled this look: the city girl  version of John Wayne. I was doing my best to imitate his swagger all day, too, much to Angel's amusement.

I do realize that this is supposed to be Spring Fashion Week, but this is what fashion looks like for most of Spring where I live. At least I'm not wearing my puffy winter coat anymore. And take a look at this coat, will you. It fits perfectly, which isn't something I can say about most coats. It's got the classic double row of buttons....and....the back laces up! Those laces make me so happy. My plan is to buy different colored ribbons and switch out the black ribbon for other colors on special occasions.
Now, the most interesting thing about this coat is the fact that I didn't pick it out myself. Nope. Angel did. He found this coat at the store, and because he knows my style so well, he knew it was perfect for me. He showed it to me, we got a good deal on it, and it's been love ever since.

It's not only the coat, either. My husband is very good at shopping for me. When he shops completely on his own...there's been a few times when something has been the wrong size and had to be returned, but he's smart enough to keep the receipt, so that's no big deal. But most of the time--he hits the nail right on the head. He's got an eye for those odd pieces that suit my sense of style, and I love that about him.

(What makes this even more weird is that even my own Mom and sisters and the entire rest of my family refuse to do any shopping for me because they know I'm so particular.)

So, what I'm dying to know is, do any of your husbands buy clothes for you, and are they any good at it?
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  1. Nice outfit, love the pop of colour :) not sure if i would let my hubby buy my clothes but saying that he has bought me some nice things before...

  2. I love your coat! My husband is super good at shopping for me too! :)

  3. i love your coat! angel did a great job!

    i think peppy could pick out clothes that i would like....if he had to. but i have weird proportions (looooong torso, my butt is bigger than my hips are,) and so if he would pick out a shirt for me it might end up as a belly shirt. he's bought a couple things for me in the past, like shoes or dresses, but generally i pick out my own clothes. however, he does randomly surprise me with giftcards from forever21, and that's perfectly ok in my book!

  4. Angel did a great job!

    My husband has picked out some great things for me in the past but he's not a fan of picking things out for me as I'm pretty picky. :)

  5. Wow, I forget that it's not 100 degrees everywhere in the country. I was surprised by the coat, but I get it now. ;)

    I love your coat. It's a great cut and very flattering!

    1. Oooops. I meant to comment from this account, not my family blog account. Sorry. Still lovin' your outfit, though!

  6. Cute outfit, Rachel! That's awesome your husband picked it out! None of my family will shop for clothes for me either! I'm way too picky!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  7. A very long time ago when we were only married for about a month my husband bought me a jean jacket with white fringe on it. I hated it. I mean really hated it. I made him take it back.

    Since then he kind of steers clear of buying me clothing items instead I either tell him what to buy or he gets me a gift certificate. I, on the other hand can literally buy anything for him and know that it'll fit him and look good on him. Same goes for my girlfriend and sister.

    The coat does fit you perfectly and truly does reflect your style. He did a great job!


  8. Love that it laces up! My husband has a pretty good handle on my style too, but it wasn't always the case :)

  9. My husband refuses to shop for me. The only shirt he bought for me, he got because my sister told him I would like it. Angel has a good eye! That coat was made for you!

  10. My favorite part of your outfit is your red leather gloves (as shown in the 1st photo)! Soooo cool! I have a pair of leather gloves, but I rarely wear them. I should get on that.

    My husband will buy t-shirts for me, or accessories, but no other clothes. I like to try things on before I get them, so I'm fine with him not shopping for me. It's hit or miss whether he can anticipate my style. Usually he does a good job!

  11. That coat is awesome!

    My husband doesn't shop for me, but he will go with me and pick things out that I didn't see and are perfectly my style and size. As a matter of fact, we went shopping the other day, and I bought all of his picks, but none of mine!

  12. awesome laces up the back, there! i'm really digging that edginess, and how the pink in your hair (big fan! i often do that too) echoes your shirt. can't wait to see more of your self-professed "odd pieces" throughout the fashion week...

  13. Ooh la la! Head-to-toe, girl! I love it. That's a fantastic jacket and I love the pop of color in your hair (like everyone else). Can't wait to see what else you're wearing this week!

  14. My husbband definitely shops for me every once in a while. He likes much better to have me show him things I really want and then he picks one, but he's picked out some cute stuff for me before. Every once in a while though, he brings something home and it's a big fat no. I really like your headband here!