10 April 2013

The Anti-Pinterest Home

I have an anti-pinterest home.

The proof is the picture above. That is the "entertainment station" for our house. I can imagine: if my home were a pinterest home, the cupboard would be spray painted, probably in some shade of mint or coral. Possibly mint and coral. The stereo (that plays cassette tapes!) would most likely be non-existent, and replaced by something like a set of tiny speakers that hook up to an iPod. Or--the stereo would be disguised and prettified by some sort of handmade stereo disguiser that makes it appear as if we don't own a stereo at all. The kleenex box would no longer be there, because people who live in Pinterest homes never get colds. After all, neither kleenex boxes nor red noses are aesthetically pleasing.

Above all, there would be no cords. Because electrical appliances in Pinterest homes don't need cords. They work by magic.

The picture would also have been taken in perfect lighting, because pinterest homes have exceptionally large windows. It would also have been taken with a DSLR camera rather than a point-and-shoot, because everyone knows that point-and-shoot cameras are for kids.

To see what I mean, if my home were a pinterest home, the picture above would have turned into this picture:

 See, I was right! I forgot that, of course, the hardware on the dresser would have to be spray painted a contrasting color, because plain old bronze is so pre-Pinterest. The stereo has shrunk, and the kleenexes are nowhere within sight, just as I predicted. What I didn't foresee was by how much the television would grow.
From my anti-Pinterest home to yours--useful, but not pinnable! Don't worry about it. A home is where life happens, and life keeps on happening there, 783 repins or not.
(I have absolutely no desire to get rid of my ugly stereo {when I say 'my ugly stereo,' what I really mean is the stereo my Dad bought eleven years ago and left in the United States}. I love turning it all the way up and feeling the house shake while I'm  mopping the floors.)
By the way, I do have pinterest, though,  as you can probably tell, I'm not very good at it. You can still follow me if you want to! 
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  1. I pinned your anti-pinterest home to pinterest. tee hee. and yes, the irony does not escape me.

  2. Amen girl! Love this! I struggle with it...mostly because I'm an interior designer and want to adjust/clean/fix/change all the time! lol
    Glad you share real life! :) Not everyone has perfect pretty homes. :)

  3. I'll be honest... pinterest intimidates the crap out of me. I pretty much only use it for recipes :) My home will never be pinterest worthy. My baby's nursery isn't decorated. At all. And I don't craft. I'm a pinterest fail!

  4. :D hey, but you know what? I like yours a lot, too!


  5. haha, this post is hilarious. I just don't know where pinterest women get their ideas from. I'm so uncreative I need pinterest to look at and then never do anything about.

  6. Truthfully, I think your "entertainment station" is beautiful. I love wood vs. paint a lot of the time. I saw on Young House Love recently that they bought a wood entertainment center and then just took a Magic Eraser to it and it looked brand new!

  7. My home is anti=Pinterest in the sense that I cannot craft. My eye starts twitching when I think about restoring furniture. I've done a few end tables, but that's involved paint and sandpaper. No paint stripper, shellac, or anything too involved. I don't even pin that kinda stuff anymore.

  8. Haha my home is anti-Pinterest too! There are parts that are good enough, but as a whole? NO.

  9. My home isn't pinterest-y either! We're very modern....the last pinterest room I attempted was a major fail and a waste of money! haha. (oh...and waste of time...)

  10. Haha I love this! I assure you, mine is not Pinterest-worthy either!

  11. LOL Oh my, you should see my place...I won't even photograph it. And DIYs? I can barely glue hahaha but still I love the photos on Pinterest, all those Martha Stewartesque ones, food stylists too.....

  12. To see what I mean, if my home were a pinterest home, the picture above would have turned into this picture: best sewing machine for beginners

  13. I think in reality most homes are "anti-Pinterest" homes. No normal person has the time and energy to keep their house looking like those houses you always see on Pinterest. It's like they don't even live in their own houses.

    Mai |