18 April 2013

The Day I Found Out I was an Adult

 Just 'cause I might now be an adult doesn't mean I have to dress like it.
It wasn't the day my parents left me in the United States to face the big scary world of America without them. I was most definitely still a kid then.

It wasn't the day I got married, though looking back, I occasionally wonder what I thought I was doing at the time.

It wasn't the day I graduated from college. Sure, I could speak Chinese, but what else could I do?

It wasn't the day I turned 21. Come on, I spent my 21st birthday making hobo pies over a bonfire and playing charades with a bunch of teenagers. It was awesome, but not entirely grown-up-ish.

It wasn't the day I found out that I was going to be an aunt. Though, I have to admit, the word "Aunt" made me suddenly feel much older than I had previously felt.

No, the day I found out that I had truly reached adulthood was the day that I spilled a bowl of strawberries and juice all over the kitchen floor, and all over my pants and slippers as well. And I didn't cry. Instead, I stoically and unemotionally cleaned up the strawberry disaster. Not even one tear. I was very impressed with my own emotional maturity, if not with my hand-eye coordination. Now that's adulthood.
*If you knew how many cups of spilled chocolate milk that have caused me to cry, you would understand what a milestone this is.
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Moonofsilver said...

Woah. The day I found I was an adult was the day my mom told me she loved me but I had to handle my (undeserved) traffic ticket :p on my own

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

LOL, I still cry over spilled things. But only when I'm PMS'ing. That's progress, right?

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh - I've managed to cry over accidentally knocking corn off my dinner plate. That was after having a kid too, you would have thought I'd definitely have to be a mature adult by then ;)

Cate @ Wild Ruffle said...

Now that I have kids, there are no tears over spilled things. Otherwise I'd always be crying!;)

Unknown said...

Oh, Rachel, I love you. You are such an admirable woman. :)

dani krum (love me, dani marie) said...

So glad you found my log so I could find yours!! You are darling! I'm a new GFC follower!!

Rachel said...

I love you too! And as long as you blog about once a month or so, I won't complain. I know marriage is distracting. ;)

Angi said...

I had a friend say recently, "You know you're finally an adult when you drop an ice cube on the floor and you actually pick it up instead of just kicking it under the refrigerator." Well, I still kick them under the refrigerator so I guess I'm still not an adult. I'll let you know when it happens. ;-D

Natasha Atkerson said...

Well, by legal standards I suppose I'm an adult-weird to think about! I'm turning 19 this May!
But last year I discovered that I actually had matured. We were taking photos at a museum and I handed my Grandma my camera to take a photo of my cousins and I...*smack* down goes the camera in pieces. Ouch. I was pleasantly surprised in myself that all I said was "Oh, Grandma." I didn't yell, I didn't scream, just "Oh, Grandma." :) She felt really bad and my camera ended up being fine, I'm just glad I didn't respond badly! You never know how you'll respond until you're in the situation! =)
I'm ALWAYS spilling things on myself, which is why I'm glad I buy inexpensive clothing! If I spill something on a $50 shirt, I'm gonna be mad! Spill it on my $3 shirt, oh well...stains clean up! LOL!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Kelsey Eaton said...

hahaha this is awesome

Jessi said...

Lol love it. I spill too much to cry about it. Although one day I was having a bad day and had already poured my water bottle down my front at work that day when I spilled curry ALL over my new blazer at a restaurant and I'm pretty sure I cried a little then.
That dress you're wearing is so cute! I love to still wear girly things a lot of the time :)

Mrs. Bennett Has Class said...

You are too funny!

Katie said...

that is fuuny :) I too have had moments when I haven't cried from something adn thought I must be growing up!

Suzanne said...

Yes it is totally useless to overreact when there is no one around to pity your Diva self. You've just got to buck up and deal with it.

I had to do that this morning when my poor puppy had very bad diarrhea all over the kitchen floor and I just wanted to puke. TMI I know...but another sign that you are an adult is cleaning up something as disgusting as that. Probably another reason though why I chose not to have kids. I'm not good at that kind of stuff.


Raj Thandhi @Pink Chai Style said...

That is so cute - sometimes you just have to pick your mess and move on lady! PS: you are also cute as a button!

Pink Chai Style

Unknown said...

hahaha, this is hilarious! I spill on myself ALL the time. I spilled my dinner on myself last night. After I spilled food into a fan that blew all over my husband he stopped letting me eat over things because I will automatically spill.

Michelle said...

Hahaha! I completely understand this. !00%. I get incredibly emotional when I spill things, especially if it gets on my clothes.