01 April 2013

The First

First things first.

We're having a baby!

We're moving to Boston.

Yesterday, we bought a St. Bernard, and named him Acetaminophen.

I got a job working full-time as a receptionist at a doctor's office, and in my spare time, I bleached Angel's hair and colored it fuchsia.

I got a tattoo of the phrase "Pay it Forward" on my ribcage, and Angel pierced his ears.

Angel decided to switch his Master's program to a degree in English poetic literature from the 1600s.

We traded my '96 Chevy in for a '05 Buick LeSabre, and concluded that our goal in life is to acquire the largest library of self-help books in the world.

We're in the planning stages of organizing a trip to Paris next December.

Happy first of April to you!

 Yep, what you just read was a conglomeration of most bizarre and un-Angel and Rachel-ish things we could possibly do. I kind of like this day.

Happy birthday, Dad!
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  1. ARGH! You - you had me all jumpy and screamy and wonderfully excited there for a moment! I was all like babybabybaby - but NO! You mean friend... D:

  2. Haha! After the third one I was like, "Wait a minute..." But you definitely got me with the baby and Boston.

  3. Omg I almost died...I read this after reading delirious rhapsody's announcement about babies also...

  4. LOL - I was actually kind of excited about the dog.... =)

  5. DUDE!!!!! You're PREGNANT?!?!?!?! oh man o man I'm SO stinkin excited for you! You know we're awesome blogging buddies when I couldn't restrain myself for yelling in my house...seriously. haha. and I also wish I would've had your number to text you and say congrats then wondered if you'd have texting. haha.
    ANYWAYS - that is so awesome!

  6. OH CRAP! it's april Fool's day. you suck. ha

  7. HAHA...I love that non-pregnant-pregnant photo. ;) Happy April!

  8. You had me for a second. I was like WHAT? Their preggers, but by the time I got to st. bernard I was onto you. I love April Fools too!

  9. You had me! Until I kept reading and it was getting more ridiculous..not like you at all! Funny girl!

  10. HAHA well you will make a beautiful mom someday!! And love the name lol!!!

  11. Your dad's birthday is today? :) how awesome!
    ps. that's the worst baby bump i've ever seen. ;) (you're so tiny, there's NO way you could hide it from us!!)

  12. You def had me with the BABY thing and Boston and then I remembered what today's was. Good one I needed a laugh!!

  13. bah. my daughter shares a with your dad though, so that's cool!