06 May 2013

Best Sources of Blog Ideas

Husband throws the cat in the air and makes you take pictures? Blog about it!

1. I think you all already know my secret weapon. Angel. He's great. I regularly ask him, "What should I blog about next?" and he'll give me 5 or 10 ideas--usually at least one of which is actually blog-appropriate. Other times, I just look at him and am spontaneously inspired to write.
2. Eavesdropping. You wouldn't believe the ideas I can get from random statements I overhear from people I walk past in the mall, or from listening to the funny things clients say at the salon. I've even written blog posts that were inspired by listening to the morning radio talk show on my ten minute drive to school.
3. Other blogs. This is an obvious one, I think we all do it. You should always give credit if you're building off of someone's specific idea--but lots of times, many similar blog posts exist, and it can be fun to take a "normal" blog post idea (like a what's in your purse post) and give it your own, unique, unexpected twist.
4. Your own mind. It's a very inspirational place. My favorite blog posts come out of moments when I pay a little more attention to the way I view a certain subject--and I realize--hey, this part of my life is interesting, I should write about that!
5. Friends and Relatives. I know that many of you don't tell those that you interact with in real life that you blog, but I'm the kind of person who tells everyone I know that I blog. And then everyone wants to give me advice on what I should blog about. Several posts here have been inspired by friends, a few by my Dad, and some by my siblings. Just recently, I was telling some friends about how Angel goes shopping and picks out clothes for me, and one of the husbands was so shocked and couldn't believe that kind of behavior, so he told me, "You should blog about that." I did.
6. Your readers. Maybe they want to know your take on a subject. Ask them.
Basically, I'm saying that while it might appear that I'm a genius with a never ceasing flow of creativity--I'm not. This blog is a major group effort--and I'm so grateful for all the people who play a role in inspiring me. I'm thankful for people like my Dad and Angel who persevere in giving me new ideas for blogging topics. Even though I roll my eyes at most of them, there's a treasure or two in there every once in a while.
So, does anyone have any blog topic requests? Improv is scary, but I like it. Give me a topic and I might be able to do something with it.
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Moonofsilver said...

I would love to hear you talk about "things you would not wear and why" or "what you plan on doing after hair school" or "what you believe women's role in marriage is" I love all your blog posts...they are so interesting

Anonymous said...

HE'S THROWING A CAT!? Angel definitely lies on the edge. I hope he came out scratch free. I'd love to hear more about your parents and what you plan on doing after you graduate from hair school.

Jessi said...

"while it might appear that I'm a genius with a never ceasing flow of creativity--I'm not" Haha I love it! You and Angel have such a cute relationship. I love that he inspires you so much. That cat pic is hilarious.

Angi said...

I have a feeling Angel and Isaiah would get along rather well. Isaiah throws our cat all the time. He says "he loves it!" but I beg to differ.

Unknown said...

haha, My husband is always harassing our cat too. That's great that Angel comes up with so many ideas to blog. Hal usually says "you can blog that" when he says something really funny.

Megan said...

I also think watching TV and reading magazines can be a great way to get blog inspiration. I recently bought a cute notebook (it has hedgehogs on it!) to write down ideas I come up with.

#2-I love eavesdropping! I'm such a nosey person. I've never considered it for blog inspiration, though.

Katie said...

that picture is crazy! and other blogs are great inspiration!

Kacie said...

I know this is an older post, but I love it. Great perspective on getting new ideas, and I may be inspired now. =)