02 May 2013

Competition in Marriage

A rather famous story from back when Angel and I were friends in college concerns the time he came over to my grandparents' house and played dominoes with me and my little cousins. My uncle insisted that a red-blooded 24 year old American male does not simply go over to his friend's grandparents' house and spend an evening playing dominoes with her and her little cousins unless he has ulterior motives.  I refused to believe my uncle at the time. But what do you know, it turns out he was right!

Angel and I have always played a lot of games together. Back in the day, he would come visit me at my grandparents' house and play checkers with me. And he would always win. For a while there, he would win every game we played. When I went to visit his family after we got engaged, he took me mini-golfing, and he won. He taught me how to play pool, and then he won.

This constant cycle of losing games to this attractive guy was intriguing at first, but it quickly became frustrating. I come from a family of very competitive game players. After a game of Risk, we're typically not on speaking terms with one another for a few hours. World domination will do that to you.

So post-marriage, I started tailoring our games of choice towards games that I was particularly good at.

Boggle is one of those games that Angel loves and that I am very good at. He'll play round after round with me till he finally wins one, and then he decides to quit while he's ahead. I don't call winning one out of ten rounds "ahead," but I'll let him think so.

I can also usually beat him at Dance Dance Revolution or similar dancing games on our Xbox Kinect. Except there's this one song which has approximately 50% Spanish lyrics and he can always beat me on that one. I say he has an unfair advantage.

What are you and your spouse's favorite games to play with each other?

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Anonymous said...

I've never played Risk, but I hear it's fun! My husband gets super competitive and hates losing. Like the Kinect Olympic games or whatever it's called. When he lost the javelin throw, he played by himself until he figured out how to position himself to beat everyone's high score. I'm pretty competitive, but not as bad as him.

Alison said...

Boggle is also our favorite game!! I LOVE it. I am also from a very competitive and losing isn't something I take very well. Luckily, I'm not too bad at Boggle ;) Scrabble is also a pretty fun game for us. Nick likes anything that takes strategy. Card games or board games like Clue, etc. don't really make him go crazy.

Anonymous said...

I WISH my husband would play board games with me. I love them and am fairly new to playing them as we didn't play them when I was growing up. Boggle, Scrabble and a few others are totally new to me so I am really into them right now. My husband used to have game night with a bunch of his old friends, but there was one person there who ruined it for him by being uber-competitiveand crazy, so now he is not interested at all, even though it could be really fun!

By the way, kudos for your husband on his not-so sneaky courtship attempt! That is really cute.

Katie said...

i love speed games but my husband hates them because he is not fast! we play backgammon a lot!

Unknown said...

haha, it's funny playing games with spouses and other couples. We play settlers of catan a lot with some friends, we all get really into it. Hal hates cooperative games, because he can't beat the other people. He really likes to play games that he's good at. I also really like a game called bonanza, it's a bean game with cards and it's fun.