22 May 2013

I Really, Really Love Swing Dancing

So funny story. About me being possibly not the best wife there ever was.
I've mentioned before that Angel and I go swing dancing semi-regularly. Often with my sister or with my cousins. Angel's not quite as fond of dancing as I am, so he dances with me, Lizzy, or my cousins...and on rare occasions with strangers, but usually, if he's not dancing with one of us, he's not dancing. I, on the other hand, love swing dancing, so if Angel wants a break, or if he's dancing with Lizzy or my cousins, I have no qualms about dancing with whatever guy happens to walk past and ask me to dance.
So, now that it's clear that both Angel and I are quite comfortable with dancing with people we're not married to, I must tell you about the time I took my love for swing dancing to a whole new level.
One evening, they had a ladies' choice song, so they split up all the girls and guys  and made us stand on opposite sides of the dance floor. Then, they said "Go!" and us girls are supposed to run and pick a guy to dance with. I ran straight to Angel, as is my habit, but then, as I reached him and grabbed his hand, I noticed about ten feet down the row of guys was standing a guy that Lizzy had danced with earlier. She had told me that he was an excellent dancer, and I noticed that nobody had claimed him for a dance yet, so, without a moment's hesitation or a word of explanation to Angel, I dropped my husband's hand, went straight to the other guy and said, "My sister told me that you're a great dancer" and spent a very enjoyable four minutes after that getting spun every which way, dipped, and even lifted into the air.
Afterwards, I felt slightly remorseful for my cold-hearted abandonment of my husband. 
Oh well.
I won't even mention the other ladies' choice dance when I spotted a guy who had taught ballroom dance lessons at my college, and I ran and positioned myself directly across the room from where he was standing--when they yelled "Go!" I unabashedly pushed my way in between the slower girls in front of me and made a beeline to him in order to ask him to dance before any other girl got there first. I would try to claim that was when I was young and susceptible to handsome men who are excellent dancers....but that was just a few months ago.
Okay, neither of these incidents are terribly ladylike nor are they housewifely. But they give me opportunity to laugh at myself and at my occasionally inappropriate desire for a really good swing dance. And honestly, I think Angel appreciates it when another guy lets him rest his weary feet.
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Moonofsilver said...

thats silly! My husband loathes dancing, but we both like exercising together :)

Holly said...

I love watching swing dancing! I don't think I could ever do it though! haha

Suzanne said...

ha ha my husband is the same!!! I love dancing and I think he mostly puts up with my love of it, although he didn't seem to mind dancing with the teacher too much! We took Tango lessons for quite some time, private lessons then we had the opportunity to take group lessons for free and my husband never wanted to do the group lessons so I often did them on my own. If I ever did what you did though I'd be in the doghouse for a long long time.


Unknown said...

That is HILARIOUS! I'm all about getting to dance with better dancers... (hangs head in shame) Hubs is very enthusiastic, but with my dance background it's sometimes a break for us both to dance with other people. ;)

Style-Delights said...

LOL!! We all do things that are not ladylike or housewifey- but they sure make life more interesting! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style Delights Blog

Unknown said...

Oh man, I used to go swing dancing every weekend in high school and it was SO much fun. I haven't been in years though. If Angel doesn't mind then i don't see the problem with it. If a lady wants to dance, she's gotta do what she gotsta do to get a good partner ;)

Anonymous said...

I've always thought it would be fun to learn how to swing dance or ballroom dance. If the mister ever gets on a reasonable schedule, he promised we'd take lessons.

Veronica Lee Burns said...

First, I just love that yall go dancing, I want to learn. Second, this is stinkin hilarious! Third, it's awesome that you are both so completely sure of each other that this doesn't bother you...that's when you know you guys do have a strong trust bond. :) YAY for strong marriages!

Kristian said...

My Boy and I love to go dancing too! (though we totally use each other as a crutch in the sense that we know each other's signals and so dance well together, but are not nearly as a good dancing with others...but then use that an an excuse not to dance as often with others..oops! Gotta get better about that!)

Truly, I think dancing with other people definitely makes you a better dancer, plus you can make more friends. Good on you!

Charlotte said...

My husband and I swing dance too! What type do you do? We're Lindy Hoppers, and recent blues dancing converts.

When we first learned, we would only dance with each other. I knew we would becoming better dancers by dancing with other people, but Jordan was hesitant. That was a long time ago... now we will go whole nights with dancing with each other maybe once or twice! We obviously prefer each other, but acknowledge other partners we have good dance connections with.