08 May 2013

WBBE: How to be a Client that your Hairstylist Doesn't Dread

 I may just be starting out in the hair industry, but one thing you learn pretty quickly is which kind of clients to avoid and which ones you want to keep coming back. Here are some thoughts I've had about what clients can do to make hairdressers not dread the appointment day (and in the meantime, if you take note of these characteristics, I can almost guarantee that your hair will be better cared for):

Two of my recent styles. I love how they turned out!

1. Don't act like we don't know what we're doing. We may not actually know what we're doing, but when you start acting like you don't trust us, it makes us nervous and we're much more likely to do something wrong. I'm always more confident when I have a client who is confident in me.

2. Don't use at-home haircolor to color your hair extremely unnatural colors and then come into a salon and demand a miraculous fix. And, if after trying to talk you out of your intended course of action, if we ask you to sign a release form, take that as our polite way of saying that "If we do what you're telling us to, there's a good chance your hair will fall out of your head." The minute a release form gets involved, run away and keep your hair!

3. The "I don't suppose you can just take the hair that you just cut off and glue it back to my head" joke got old after the first 50 times we heard it.

4. Don't get your hair bleached all over and then get chunky black highlights. This isn't a hard and fast rule, but I do highly recommend it. I just haven't seen anyone who really looks good in that style. Cosmetologists should be able to set aside their own opinions and achieve whatever their client wants to do with their hair whether it will actually look good or not...but still, try to avoid hairstyles that are pretty much universally bad ideas.

5. It would be nice if you wouldn't show us pictures of a cut or style you want on someone who has completely different hair length/texture/thickness/color than you, and then complain when your style doesn't look the way you thought it would. You know your own hair, go for a style that works for you, or at least listen when your hair stylist tries to explain why the cut you have pictured will look very different on you than it looks in the picture.

6. Don't hit on your hairdresser. To elaborate, don't ask for their phone number, don't ask them out, and don't tell them bizarre, creepy stories chock-full of innuendo. I've never had this happen to me, it's either the sparkler on my left hand or what Mom calls my "general aura of meanness"--but a lot of the guys fuss the other girls, and it's annoying.

7. Many hairstylists would add, "And don't take your baby/toddler/rambunctious child to the salon!" I wouldn't say that. If your stylist is a snob about kids, go ahead and let me do your hair instead. I totally understand that sometimes taking kids with you is really the only option. I'll even do house calls for moms and toddlers. But I'm just giving you a warning that some people get really snotty about kids. It does help your cause if your babies are extra cute and extra quiet, but if you're a mom with young kids and you want your hair done--choosing a stylist who is sympathetic to children will really improve your experience!

8. Another thing. Lots of hairstylists seems to really hate it when you witness to them. At my school, we get a whole lot of older men and women who come and recite Bible verses or talk about the Kingdom of God throughout their haircut. I think I'm the only girl in school who likes them. I love the witnessers! Their heart and their passion for the kingdom is exciting to me. If only the guy who recites as much of the Bible as possible during a 20 minute haircut would hold his head still while talking so that I can get his flattop right, I'd love him even more. I enjoy talking about my faith with these people. But most of the other stylists get really annoyed.

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Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

When I got my hair cut last week, I was actually thinking about what the stylists thought about things like pictures of the haircut you want or bringing children. I love to have a stylist's perspective!

Moonofsilver said...

Love those prom styles!! Beautiful! I hardly ever go to the salon but I hope I'm nice! One time I think I made my stylist upset. I always leave a $10 tip but one time I was random and decided to get some color added to just the tips of my hair. The total for it was 100$ and I was shocked (never done color in a salon before) and I only had money to leave a 10$ tip when usually if you spend 100$ of leave 20. But I hadn't gone in thinking about getting color done (one of those things she offered that I said yes to) and I still feel bad about it today. She didntnl

Moonofsilver said...

It broke my comment! Anyway she didn't look happy bout it.

Unknown said...

Love those styles, from one hairstylist to another, great work. The second would be stunning for a wedding. I can relate so well to these. Like number one for sure. I'll get clients that dont 'buy' what I'm selling I dont mean products...i mean they honestly think I dont know what I'm talking about. For example if I tell you that your theory that your hair only grows to your shoulders and then stops is a myth, dont tell me that I'm wrong. Trust me. Your hair follicles do not have eyeballs and they are ont going to stop your hair from growing at the shoulders, but then let it grow if you keep it shorter. Obviously its either something going on with heredity, nutrition, health, how well you take care of your hair, and how often and how much your are getting hair cut off.

I honestly could probably talk hair shop with you all day long. I would definitely also say find a stylist and stick with her/him and dont hop around. Not only is it nicer for your stylist but you'll probably end up loving your hair in the long run.

BonnieRose | A Compass Rose

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

I always take my glasses off when I go to the hairdressers and say "Go to town, I trust you". Luckily I have a great hairdresser who's never let me down.

Unknown said...

I've only had my hair cut twice in a salon, but I really get the you have to find a hair style that works for YOUR hair. I used to straighten my hair every day and finally my sister didn't listen to me and gave me a hair cut that works for curly hair and I've never looked back.

Larissa T. said...

Oh! I love posts like these! :) Thanks for the tips. :)

April said...

I'm with Kellie I love to let the pros make me look good. I'll give them general ideas about what I like and hate, and leave it up to them. It is their job, after all! And they haven't failed me yet :) I'd love to do that top look! Someday when my hair grows out again :)

Maggie B. said...

I always have a picture of what I want and it never turns out the way I hope. This could be because I don't know what kind of hair I have... it's just weird, dry ends, kinky, oily scalp, bad color and pretty lifeless. But I do trust my new stylist and she gave me a good cut 12 weeks ago. We'll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I haven't found the right hairdresser for me. Back where I used to live, people thought of me as the dream client because my hair is so soft since it has never been dyed. Here people are looking at me like I am crazy. Trying a new one this week...wish me luck!

Janna Renee said...

I'm happy to say that I don't do ANY of these! I don't know a thing about hair or what looks good, so I leave it ALL up to the stylist!

Remi said...

Wow!Looks beautiful! Your hair looks amazing! I love the color! You can't even tell you are wearing extensions!