09 May 2013

What were you hoping to find?

I know you were expecting to find a blog post here today. I'm very sorry to disappoint you. 
Instead, I'm doing something extra-ordinary. Unheard of. 
Okay, not really.
I wrote a guest post for Veronica's blog, Passion, Pink, and Pearls. It's reminiscing about my college experience (I'll give you a hint: it involved lots of crying, but had a happy ending). 
And that reminds me, it's been a year minus a week since I graduated. It feels like forever ago.
For the record, graduation caps and robes are quite possibly the most ridiculous clothing ever invented. I tried really hard to convince the people sitting next to me to rebel and not wear the robes and caps, but then they convinced me that we might not be allowed to graduate if we weren't wearing them. And then my grandparents made me wear the silly hat so that they could take pictures.

 photo TRWORsig_zps564b92a0.jpg
Moonofsilver said...

aww you look so happy :)

Also, I can't imagine someone not wanting to go to college! thanks for giving me a new experience through reading :)

I was super excited about college, even if I had to live at home!

Unknown said...

Gosh, that means that I graduated 4 years ago this week. I can't believe it's been that long!

Charlotte said...

I'm with you on the gown and caps. Really? Who still thinks this is necessary? Also, I didn't go to my college graduation. I was all meh about it. :)

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

I'm with ya - I hated cap and fact, we tried decorating the top of ours with jewels and making it pretty but we were threatened with our diploma SO we didn't; however, my best friend and I did a little leap frog around the track to get to our seats (our graduation was outdoors at a track/football field. lol) we got in "trouble" but they gave us our diploma's. lol.