13 May 2013

Why is Spring Cleaning Important?

You know the great thing about spring cleaning?
It's finding stuff that you forgot you had. Like my suspenders. Aren't they awesome?
Once upon a time, for my dad's 40th birthday, we decided that because he was old, he needed to have suspenders. He was not very amused. Sometime later, when it became apparent that Dad was never going to wear his very nice suspenders, I asked if I could have them. Since that time, I've worn them on numerous occasions when I felt suspenders were called for.
Except, I haven't worn them in probably a year, because I didn't know where they were. Now I do. I also found all of my multicolored strings of beads that I used to wear all the time, and I wore them as a necklace.
So, that's why spring cleaning is important. Finding fashion accessories you forgot you had.
The fact that your windows will look so much cleaner after you're done is just an added benefit.

 photo TRWORsig_zps564b92a0.jpg


  1. Cute! That shirt shows off your curves!! :)

    Also I like the shoes you chose. I would never have thought to wear those type of sandals with skinny pants!

  2. I love suspenders--I don't think I could pull them off, but you certainly do! I've been looking for a cute pair of suspenders for my son for MONTHS, and I can't find them anywhere!!

  3. hahaha! SO cute on you! i KNOW that i wouldn't be able to pull the look off. ;P


  4. Awesome. Suspenders are phenomenal.

  5. My husband has a bunch of pairs of suspenders. I should steal a pair and wear them sometime. Too bad you didn't find your green pants when you did spring cleaning.

  6. ugh Spring cleaning....yuck. I love the the suspenders though! You're rocking em!

  7. Spring cleaning...what is that? LOL Maybe I should start if I can find some cute accessories like this.


  8. this happened to me, too! I found an old dress that I hadn't worn since BEFORE I was pregnant with Melody - it's seriously like shopping for yourself all over again but with zero spending (my kind of shopping) haha.

  9. Ok, those suspenders are SO cute! They look wonderful on you..hmmm spring cleaning....The great elephant in the room...or at least in my house ;)

  10. I do that even if it is NOT spring LOL! Found some hidden or forgotten treasure all the time! You look cute, love the suspenders.. haven't seen that in a while :)

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  11. This outfit is terrific - it has a great sense of whimsy/fun. I always find forgotten treasure during spring clean too - not sure I'd continue to do it otherwise.