06 June 2013

I Love You

 Let me preface this by saying that Angel and I were probably the weirdest and least demonstrative couple ever when we first got together. We were friends for a long time before we were anything other than that, and I have to say, that crossing over from "friends" to "friends who are going to marry each other" was a little awkward at times. We knew we were going to get married from the very first weeks of our courtship, and we talked candidly about that. But neither one of us wanted to admit anything like "feelings" or "being in love" or anything mushy like that, probably for fear that the other would find such display of emotion unseemly.

This photo is an accurate depiction of how very awkward we were together.
Technically, he was the first one to say it. He told me "I love you," on the phone, and then I said "What?" in shock, and that scared him, so he modified it, and said, "What I mean is, I care about you."

So, yeah, he said it first, but he took it back.

He said it the second time, too. That time was on Skype. But he also managed to get scared that time, and took it back again.

So, I was the first one to say "I love you," without taking it back. It was all because of a bad dream. I was living in Malaysia, hadn't seen Angel in a few months, and I had a bad dream that he chose another girl over me. That dream was a representation of my jealousies and my insecurities, I prayed for God to give me joy and confidence in Him, instead of allowing myself to dwell upon my lack of confidence in the guy I was already planning a marriage with.

I emailed Angel about my dream and my prayer, and I signed off with "I love you, Angel."

No qualifiers, no modifications, no take backs. 

How about you? Was it you or your significant other who admitted it first?


  1. I told Brian I loved him first and then when he thought I was napping he whispered it in my ear <3

  2. Both of you looook so cute together! :D
    Oh well for me, I think it was me who said it first.

    with love, Cassandra xx

  3. i don't even remember when peppy and i first told each other 'i love you.' from the beginning of our three month (hah) courtship, we would always joke about how we were going to elope and have elvis marry us. so i guess it was just assumed that we loved one another. i really don't know. almost eight years later, we tell each other 'i love you' daily. :-D

  4. you guys look so sweet together!

  5. Hal said it first. I started out with "I love you, like a friend....a really good friend. yeah, like a good friend" and slowly by talking esentially outloud to himself he said I love you. I just laughed that it took like 5 minutes to transition to I love you like a friend to I love you.

  6. I laughed out loud at "what?"... I'm glad you made it past the I love you..

    I had a fiance once upon a time, and he sat me down once, told me we needed to talk.. I thought for sure we were breaking up, which I was cool with.. I wasn't too attached and he said, "I love case you couldn't tell.." I think I said, "Oh.." I literally didn't tell him I loved him until 9 months later, playing a group video game, and he was sucking so badly, so poorly that I couldn't help but whisper in his ear.. "I love you.." so proud.

  7. Nate said "I love you" first and my response was "thank you." Haha. Thankfully I said it to him a couple days later. ;-)

  8. My guy said it first...over the instant messaging. no takebacks.

  9. I think it was my husband, okay yes it was! If I remember right, I was kind of shocked and scared but happy! All those mixed emotions came from bad past experiences. But I can say definitely that I love that man!

  10. My boyfriend told me he loved me first. And he has never taken it back :)

  11. I told Po I love him (referring to another guy he was jealous of) but it's different, it's like family. It's not the way I love you. (referring to Po) I think he was so relieved he got to dodge the bullet of saying it first. My husband is not one to jump out there and display feelings... sometimes I think he's gotten worse. I think I'll get him a set of finger paints to express himself!

  12. We were friends first, like you guys, for a really long time. I honestly don't remember who said it first, but we have been saying to each other for over 20 years, so I guess that's all that really counts, right?
    p.s. LOVE your traveling dress!

  13. We said "I love you" when finishing a phone conversation, sort of simultaneously. It felt like a very natural time to say it.

    My husband and I met in youth group, and we were dating for months before any of the leaders caught on, due to our lack of PDA. We're still not very demonstrative in public. I feel like everyone is uncomfortable around overly snuggly couples.