21 June 2013

Search Engine Queries

Ahh, the things we search the internet to discover.

Purple Cat
 I can't remember if I ever showed you the purple cat. If I didn't, here is purple Narcan. And now, people can find my blog when they search "purple cat."

Here are a few of the more amusing searches that have led to my blog recently. Some are understandable, some, not so much.

all about shabby apples accessories
I'm not going to lie, I've mentioned Shabby Apple on multiple occasions, and even shown off my dress collection, but accessories? If I ever have money to spend at Shabby Apple, I guarantee it's not going for accessories.

leather glove stories
This is consistently a very common search term that leads to my blog. When I first wrote about my red leather gloves, I had no idea that people were so interested in stories about gloves.

clean bathrooms while in cosmetology school
Sorry, I don't think these exist. Not in my experience, anyways.

marrying a man 8 years older
Get it right, Google, he's only 7 years and 4 days older. I also get a lot of variations on this theme, and all queries about the pros and cons of marrying an older man are directed to this post.

men wearing short shorts
Poor, poor Angel. I don't even pretend not to laugh when I see his running shorts. (Is it a problem if your husband wears shorter shorts than you do?)

grow out purple hair
There are different ways to approach this challenge. My bangs had about two inches of roots when I decided to cover up my purple hair with permanent haircolor.

fake curls look ridiculous
I beg your pardon? My curls are natural, thank you very much.

i want to wear glasses
Trust me, you don't. 

yoga pants under sweat pants
Eww. As I sit here in 85 degrees, that sounds miserably hot. I don't wear either yoga pants or sweat pants, either. 

funny blog post ideas
I was very flattered by this one. Thank you, in all sincerity.
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Areeba said...

The Google searches are hilarious. I got one with keyword "Monday hate". Yikes, I don't like Mondays but this doesn't mean this could be my trademark!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

haha my husband wants to wear shorter shorts! ;)

These are funny! So how did you find these?

Moonofsilver said...

haha, the yoga pants under sweat pants probably refers to your post about how you double up on pants during the winter. I remember reading about that somewhere on your blog?

omg, a purple cat. Hah. are you going to do a DIY how-to-dye-your-cat-purple? what possessed Angel to dye the Cat purple? Whats it like being married to a man who has an idea to dye a cat and then does it?

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i get 'billy ray cyrus mullet' and 'slut wife' as top searches most of the time...

Being Reese 2 said...

marrying a man 8 years older, men wearing short shorts -- lol. I feel bad because all my google traffic is for boring thing. Summer activities for the Kids, Electric Run Discount Code. I feel like I should step up my game and write about something crazy so I can get tons of traffic. Any suggestions for my next post?

Anonymous said...

I just recently made my blog searchable by search engines again. It used to be and I remember there were some weird searches, but I turned it off because I guess I was really afraid that one of my students would Google me or somehow come across my blog. LOL. I turned it back on because hopefully I'm the last thing on their minds right now....

Charlotte said...

Oooh, I should check my internet searches! I haven't done that in a long time. Those are always good for a laugh. I remember the last time I checked, one of the most common searches was for a Bob Marley quote I posted ONCE. I don't even listen to Bob Marley.

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

hahahaha! these crack me up! Oh how I've missed reading your blog my friend!

Tayler Morrell said...

I love these! These are hilarious. But, I feel the same way with glasses.

Unknown said...

I love looking at the searches that lead to people's blogs. Now I gotat look up some of mine.

alesha said...

Ha! I love these searches. They are always funny! Thanks for linking up for Friday Funnies :)


Angi said...

I don't remember ever seeing a picture of the purple cat...that's hilarious. My cat is gray but he has a white chest and white I'm getting ideas...did the purple fade away or is it still there?

There is a very small margin of error when it comes to the length of mens' shorts. Too long, and they're too gangsta/saggy. Too short, and...yeah. Hehehe!

Tiffany said...

Haha! My husband's running shorts are ridiculous, too. =) These always make me laugh.

Katie said...

marrying an 8 year old? some of those are so funny and random!

Rach said...

Love looking through the random things that bring people to a blog. So funny! I will say, I went back and read your post about your husband's fashion and saw the shot of him in short shorts - definitely hilarious! I would definitely laugh at my husband too if he wore short running shorts (you know, in a supportive, loving sort of laughter-way). ;)

Anonymous said...

My friend always says how she wishes she had to wear glasses because they're so cute. I try very hard not to punch her because she's so cute and sweet. But no, you really don't want glasses.