24 June 2013

Sparkly Cat Ears

 Morphine doesn't look happy, but I had to show off his ears too.

I recently came home from school to find a pink envelope in the mailbox. It was addressed to Angel, but he hadn't told me that I couldn't open stuff that came in the mail, and it was pink, so I figured it wasn't for him, and I opened it.
The package contained this awesome headband. Of course, I decided that a cat-ears headband requires an extremely exciting polka-dotted and checked outfit to wear with it. I proudly wore my headband to school, and surprisingly, none of my clients commented on it. I guess that's the kind of crazy hair stuff they've learned to expect from young cosmetologists.

Of course, I can't wear a headband like this without considering it a reference to the Kitty Ears blog. I know Carolynn loves her knit kitty ears hat--these metallic, rhinestone-covered kitty ears are precisely my version of her style!


By the way, if you're here, I know you love me. And you don't want to miss out on my posts. So, if you're following only on the doomed Google Reader, you might want to switch your allegiance to a different method. One option that many people favor is Bloglovin'. I haven't completely figured it out myself, but, after six months of inaccuracy, I finally managed to hook up that Bloglovin' button on my sidebar to my current blog URL. Baby steps, people, baby steps. So now you can follow if you so desire!
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  1. I love the dress-shirt you have on!
    New reader~

  2. haha I love the kitty ears and that everyone just acted like it was normal! Is your cat really named Morphine? haha love it!

  3. I cannot believe you named your cat Morphine! LOL

    This is what I call extreme pattern mixing. With cat ears no less. I wouldn't expect anything else from you though : )


  4. I love that Angel bought them for you and knew that you'd like them. If you're gonna wear sparkly kitty ears, you gotta go all out.

  5. Yay for kitty ears! My kiddos would love those ones!

  6. Yay for kitty ears! My kiddos would love those ones!

  7. Well, that's just totally cute. Nothing is cuter than kitties, it is an Internet Approved Fact.

  8. Oh my! I love those! Yes haha I'm obsessed with kitty ears haha!! So cute of your husband to buy them for you :p and I love your polka dot pink shirt!!

  9. You're a cosmetologist, cool! Followed you via Bloglovin, I haven't really figured it all out yet, I still rely on google reader as long as it's there.

  10. It looks so cute with cat ears , meow :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  11. Am I the only one that wonders why the package was addressed to Angel??

  12. Such a cute headband. =) And you boots are quite fab too! You look great!

  13. You are so adorable. I love the polka dots with checkers. Glad Morphine made it into a picture.

  14. I love that you mixed polka dots and plaid!!! So cute!