26 June 2013

What I Will Never Eat Again

 I might, however, in the future, be persuaded to eat a mini frozen chocolate pie again. We'll see.

 I  think I may have become cranky and stubborn in my 'old age,' otherwise, I don't know what else to blame this on. But recently, I've been reflecting on all the things that I've been bullied into eating in the past which I vow that next time, I will, by some manner of wits, either find a way to politely refuse the dish or else find an unsuspecting baby to feed my portion to.

1. Durian
I don't care if it's the king of fruits, I will not eat it. I've tried it just a few times in it's natural form, and once had ice cream in durian flavor. Trust me, if you ever smell rotting garbage, and someone says, "Oh, that's not garbage, it's durian! Try it, it doesn't taste anything like it smells!" Do not believe them.

2. Dried Seaweed
I don't even like fish all that much, let alone the plants of the sea. Actually, the last time I had seaweed I wasn't a willing participant, either. I seem to remember being restrained by several friends and having my mouth pried open and some sushi, with a generous amount of dried seaweed, stuffed into it. But no fear, I will work out, and I will be so strong that no one will ever force-feed me seaweed ever again.

3. Pickled Nutmeg
To be honest, I don't think I even actually ate this in the first place. I took only enough of a nibble to discover that picked nutmeg is not yummy, and then started hiding it inside napkins.

4. Red Bean OR Green Bean Ice Cream
It's so sad when you get yourself a frozen treat, guessing that, since it's red, it will be some sort of red fruity flavor, like strawberry or cherry. Then, upon biting into it, you find that, nope, it's kidney bean ice cream.

5. Jellyfish
When you're invited to a wedding reception that takes place in the kind of ballroom that you thought only existed in the lavish imaginations of Hollywood film set designers--you experience a little peer pressure to eat everything that the waiters place before you. But next time, I'll find someone else who appreciates jellyfish a little more than I do.

6. Ceviche
I have never tried this one, either. But Angel has quite persistently tried to convince me to. However, I learned about ceviche in A Series of Unfortunate Events, and what I learned is that it does not sound like my kind of dish. 

7. Hot Cheetos
I can eat spicy food. I have no idea what this stuff is made out of (probably poisonous chemicals) but it doesn't taste like any other spicy food I've ever tasted. It's something else. If I eat one my mouth will burn for hours. So, never again.

All of this doesn't mean I only eat boring food. I'll eat odd things upon occasions. Let's see, what do I love to eat that's a little out of the normal....starfruit juice. I love starfruit juice. It tastes like the juice of a green banana, if a green banana had juice. It's delicious. 

So, do any of you happen to enjoy some of these foods that I won't be trying ever again? What's the oddest food you've ever tried?

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  1. Eww.I had a job interview at a middle school in Alaska and the principal ate hot cheetos the entire time. I would say you fall into the category of "normal" for not eating these foods.

  2. Okay..kidney bean ice cream is just wrong. On so many levels.

    They eat jellyfish? What??? Why???


  3. Ha! I don't think any of these would have EVER ventured into my mouth. lol

  4. 3. Pickled Nutmeg?? Why does this exist??? I would not eat things things either....

  5. Well, I commend you for trying any of that stuff... not me!

  6. When I was in Great Britain, my professor took us to a tavern and we all had black pudding (not actual pudding) as a side dish to our meals. He loves it and told us to try it...we weren't looked like a charred and burned double-chocolate chip cookie...we all took a bite...worse thing in the world. Our professor cracked up and told us black pudding is made from congealed cow/sheep blood! So, black pudding=blood pudding.

    1. I'm with you there! I'm mortified at the thought of having to even try congealed blood. Excuse me as I throw up...

  7. My students are obsessed with hot Cheetos and Takis. There's even a youtube spoof about those things. There are a ton of different types of ceviche, but if you don't like seafood, you probably wouldn't like any of them. My husband's aunt makes a huge bowl of it for family gatherings. I usually park myself right next to it for quick refills.

  8. Pickled nutmeg? Seriously, how is that even possible?

    I'm not going to lie, I do however get down with dried seaweed. James is part Korean and is soooo picky about food so we are a Asian food eating family. Especially Jasmine. She eats rice with soy sauce and sesame seeds and seaweed like it's going out of style.

    Depending on how you make it, Ceviche is amazing! We make ours like a traditional pico de gallo and then just add shrimp. You should give it a go. Good stuff.

    I agree with the jellyfish though. It just seems like a bad time...

  9. I love sushi, dried seaweed, (like)hot cheetos, and ceviche! When I went to South Korea to visit my sister, I had a red bean pastry. It looked like chocolate and so I was like sure! But what I was thinking and what my tongue tasted were totally opposite, I tried to nibble at it as to not throw up in front of our host. eck! Never again, thank you!

  10. I didn't even know that pickled nutmeg was a thing!!! It sounds awful!

    I do like seaweed...but I've never had any of the others on this list. However, we have a HUGE Filipino community in my town, so all the stores stock a lot of Filipino food. One that I've been dying, yet scared to try, is purple yam ice cream...

    As far as weird things I do eat and like...just about any and all seafood. I've never had jellyfish (I was unaware that ANYbody ate those) but I love calamari, octopus, oysters, all kinds of name it, if it came from the ocean, I'll probably eat it.

  11. haha durien! I've tried it a few times. I think that durien flavored things are worse than actual durien. I had durien candy once that literally made me gag, and gave me onion burps for hours. Real ripe durien wasn't that bad. Kinda similar to Jack fruit which I also don't really like. Pickeled nutmeg? i've never heard of such a thing! I didn't know people ate jellyfish, I guess I'm not surprised though! I've had good ceviche and bad ceviche before...

  12. I love Ceviche! My mom once got mad at me at a mexican restaurant because I didn't tell her Ceviche is cold haha

  13. haha, this is hilarious!! oh man spicy hot cheetos-- so hot but so addicting!

  14. I once had a Chinese student and she brought me a durian flavored candy. I very nearly vomited the contents of my stomach all over my own classrooms' floor. Also, I had no idea they pickled nutmeg. How do they pickle it - it's a nut!?!?! I love pickled everything, but I'd pay real money to see a pickled nut.

    Someone commented about eating blood pudding - I love it! =) I'm all for the weird and 'nasty' foods. Just not durian. Anything but that.

  15. Wow. Those are some really, really weird food items! I can't say I've had any of them... nope, wait, I've had ceviche. It was fine, I'd probably have it again. But red bean ice cream is such the disappointment!

  16. Wow, this is pretty crazy. Pickled nutmeg is a thing? And durian just smella so bad...I don't think I could ever get past the smell. I have had hot cheetos, but I'm not a huge fan. And you're right, it's probably all poisonous chemicals! Just found your blog, and I'm excited to follow all of your future adventures!
    xo, Hima
    P.S. I just started a blog and joined the cool kids club. I'd love for you to swing by and leave me a comment with some feedback! Thank you so much.
    Hima Hearts

  17. I can gladly say I have never eaten ANY of those things!!! And don't plan to do so, either!

  18. I wouldn't eat any of those things...except seaweed. Love the stuff. Sometimes I eat dried seaweed like chips.