12 July 2013

22 While 22

Most of my life, people have thought I am older than I am. Since I've been in cosmetology school, lots of people have thought I am younger than I am (probably because the average student at my school is fresh out of high school). Regardless of what people think, I will soon be 22.

Growing older by the day
Therefore, here are my goals of what I want to accomplish while 22:

1. Get my cosmetology license.
-Sept. 19
2. Get a job.
Got hired to begin working as an English teacher in ShenZhen, China, in August.
3. Write more. Find new magazines/websites/publishers that will accept my work.
-Edited Grandpa's book.
-Published articles on Quite Magazine's website and the Post Calvin
4. Go on at least 5 overnight trips.
-July 16-August 16: Malaysia
- August 24-26: Flint
-September 26-28: Indianapolis
-October 26-28: Flint
-November 25-30: Flint
-December 19-29: Texas
-January 7-26: Flint, Kentucky, Florida
-February 7-9: Flint
-February 17-22: Texas
-March 4-5: Chicago
-April 13-15: Chicago
-May 9-10: Muskegon
-May 21-28: Texas
5. Adhere strictly to my fashion rule of ONLY buying articles of clothing that I am in love with and/or are essential building blocks to an unusual wardrobe. (Therefore, no 'practical' clothes purchasing whatsoever. Unless my job requires it.).
6. Go somewhere (state? country? museum?) I haven't been before.
-Kellie's Castle in Ipoh
-Millenium Park in Chicago
-Perot Museum of Science and Nature in Dallas
-Weeki Wachee Springs State Park
-Navy Pier
-San Antonio
7. Watch a movie in a DBOX theater.
-December 13, The Hobbit
8. Speak Spanish or Mandarin with a client/friend/relative.
-Spoke Mandarin with Malaysians.
-Listened to a lot of Spanish when visiting Angel's family.
9. Take 3rd anniversary pictures in our wedding clothes.
- Anna took them with Dad's camera
10. Meet my first nephew. 12/20/2013
11. Try a new food.
-I think the traditional Korean BBQ experience counts. Rice tea, anyone?
-Tamales. Sorry, I'm not a huge fan, but I did finally try them.
12. Watch a Korean drama.
-Lord of Drama and Coffee Prince
13. Learn a new sewing skill (Quilting? Knit fabrics?)
-a little girl's dress with flannel.
-a doll quilt
-Invisible zipper
-Skirt with lining
-French Seams
14. Still be driving my '96 Chevy by the time I turn 23.
15. Make money from my blog.
- CleverGirls campaign for Just Dance 2014
16. Join a church ministry/team/project.
17. Finish the painting and flooring in my dollhouse.
18. Not kill any of our pets.
19. Plant a garden.
- No garden, do to our unexpected move but I planted a Venus Fly Trap indoors and also kept a Christmas Cactus and a Rosemary plants alive in pots for months.
20. Go on an adventure with at least a few of my siblings.
-Took 4 sisters to an arcade.
21. Watch a movie in Mandarin and one in Spanish.
- An American in China had a decent amount of Mandarin in it.
- Kung Fu Dunk
- What Women Want (Chinese version)
- Spanglish
- Certain episodes of Psych are partially in Spanish 
22. *This one is secret, but trust me, it exists. You'll find out what it is when I accomplish it.*

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Katie said...

Number 18 makes me giggle! And I am super excited for 22!

Tayler Morrell said...

For the Korean drama, watch Twinkle Twinkle....kind of a comedic tragedy Korean version of "switched at birth" with romance, plot, and intrigue!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

18 made me laugh too. great goals!

Susannah said...

What great goals!!! I hope #22 is that you're gonna get preggers. ;-)

Nicola Kirsty said...

I love bucket lists like this! You have some great ideas on here :)
I like #s 6, 9, 14 and 20 especially.

Intrigued by #22 too...

Ginny said...

Happy almost birthday! Great goals, I'm sure you'll find a great job and very cool about wanting to get involved in a ministry project.

mckenziewinkel said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in this picture!! :) Great goals.

little miss wanderlust said...

I get the same thing from people! Everyone thinks I'm much younger than I am. Hopefully that comes in handy when i'm 40!


Unknown said...

I'm thinking you should do a post on these pets I keep hearing mentioned but don't know about other than your cat. I hope your chevy lasts. We're thinking about taking my husbands 97 honda across the country instead of my much nicer much much newer car...we'll see.

Angi said...

I am thoroughly intrigued by "rice tea"...and dying to know what #22 is!

I think it's good to look younger than you are. I turned 30 in June and a coworker yesterday told me that she thought I was 24. I figure it'll be awesome when I'm 50 and look 40. ;)

Melissa said...

Amazing goals! Love them, You should put them in a tab so i can come back and check them often!